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Breathtaking DIY Summer Wedding Ideas 2016

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Summer weddings are a whole lot of fun as they offer you ample opportunities to experiment in terms of food, venue, colours, flowers and everything else. If you are inspired by this truth and plan to have June wedding yourself, you must be looking for crazy ideas to assure that your wedding becomes the talk of the town. Here are some amazing DIY summer wedding ideas just for you.

Backyard Weddings

If you are looking for the best wedding ideas for the summer wedding, you should probably choose the backyards as your wedding venue. This will allow you to use a whole lot of creativity and experimentation to decorate the whole venue and impress your wedding guests.

Back Yard Wedding | 123WeddingCards
Back Yard Wedding

Evening Wedding Ceremony

Summers are generally too hot, especially the day time is super hot. So, you should opt for evening wedding ceremony as evenings are comparatively cool. The cool ambience will allow you and your wedding guests to enjoy a lot.

Evening Wedding Ceremony |123WeddingCards
Evening Wedding Ceremony

Cool Wedding Attires

Summer wedding dresses should not be an epitome of extra show off and drama. Wedding attires for summer should be super flowy and cool. Other than, you should also pay a whole lot of attention to the fabric quality. The fabric should be smooth and it should have the quality to soak the sweat.

Cool Wedding Attires |123WeddingCards
Cool Wedding Attires

Drinking Delicacies

The worst thing about the summers is that they drench you in sweat and leave you entirely thirsty. But, if you follow these DIY Summer Wedding Ideas, you would probably save all your guests from torture. Assure that there is a whole lot of cool drinks available for the wedding. Juices, squashes, soft-drinks, well the possibilities are endless, you have to choose the best one, though.

Drinking Delicacies |123WeddingCards
Drinking Delicacies

Summer Invitations

When you are organizing everything according to the summer season, you should definitely go with DIY Summer Wedding Invitation Cards. All these beautiful invitations have bold and poppy colors along with lots of floral prints over it. You can personalize the cards with amazing wedding wordings to impress your guests.

Summer Wedding Invitations | 123WeddingCards
Summer Wedding Invitations

Sweat Proof Makeup

Do you know that sweat can spoil your makeup completely? Of course, you know it. So, it is advisable that all the beautiful summer brides should go for summer-proof makeup that will ascertain that it does not wash away and you look gorgeous all day long. Also, keep a check on the quality of the cosmetics that you are using so that it does not harm your skin at all.

Sweat Proof Wedding | 123WeddingCards
Sweat Proof Wedding

Flowers All The Way

The best part about June wedding is that it allows you to use various beautiful poppies. These elegant flowers are easily available in the summer season and it adds a complete charming aura in the wedding with its vibrant hues. You can use these for centerpieces, bridal bouquets and decor.

Rain Dance

Weddings do include a lot of music and dancing. You can also add dancing with a summer twist. You can opt for rain shower dance in your wedding to impress everyone. This will help in reducing the whole stress and fatigue of all your wedding guests.

Rain Dance | 123WeddingCards
Rain Dance

Wedding Favors

Everyone loves to receive gifts and favors in the wedding and we are pretty sure that you will also give away wedding favors to your guests. If you are intended to follow the Summer Wedding Ideas, you can include hand fans, sunglasses and umbrellas in the favor bags and it will make everyone happy.

Wedding Favours |123WeddingCards
Wedding Favours

Ice Creams

When you bid adieu to your guests, you should probably offer them something sweet. In summer weddings, you can offer Ice creams in place of sweets and candies. They would love it and you can enjoy eating it too.

Ice Cream

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