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Trending Floral Jewellery For The Beautiful BRIDE!

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Latest wedding trends, wedding theme, wedding Invitations, floral decorations, wedding color ideas and what not, everyone always try to incorporate the best of everything in their wedding. And, if you are planning your wedding in 2016, you cannot ignore our latest bridal jewellery inspiration, which is completely floral.

Floral Jewellery | 123WeddingCards
Floral Jewellery

The bridal jewellery trend 2016 completely follows the floral one. For these, the jewellery designers use beads, gota motifs, fresh flowers and other floral things and trust us they offer multiple options for this flower jewellery.

For your head hairs, you can choose beautiful floral maang tika or flower tiara. Both of these will help you in highlighting your eyes. If you wear this elegantly, you will look more graceful and feminine with all your charm.

Floral Kamarband |123WeddingCards
Floral Kamarband

Flower earrings are something that could completely steal your heart away. In Indian terms, you call them karnphool and they look stunning with their pristine and delicate appearance.

The floral choker is the one that we love personally. Your collar bones will be beautified with this astonishing piece of floral jewellery. A classic wedding makes up along with this will simply look mystique.

Floral Jewellery Hathphool|123WeddingCards
Floral Jewellery Hathphool

The Baajuband is quintessential in the wedding dress for Indian brides. The elegance of flower baajuband is completely unmatched. You can flaunt your arms and completely make everyone go nuts over it.

Colourful, graceful and feminine feel could be achieved by using a beautiful flower Kamarbandh with your bridal dress. This will rest stylishly on your waist and it will completely highlight your wedding attire in a most enchanting and intricate way.

In this latest bridal jewellery inspiration, you will find something to adorn your beautiful hands as well. And, the best part is that the floral jewellery of hand is called Haathphool which means flower of hand. This will look beautiful on the back of your palm and fingers.

Floral Jewellery| 123WeddingCards
Floral Jewellery

One more thing that could play magical tricks on your wedding attire is the floral chabi challa. This could be worn at the sides of your lehenga pleats and later it could use mystically with your traditional sarees for that stylish look, which is loved by everyone.

Your tender feet could not be ignored by latest bridal jewellery inspiration. The magic of floral payal will give an incomparable beauty to your pretty feet.

These are all the available option for your Flower Jewellery. All these can last up to 3-4 days if they are preserved in the refrigerator. Make sure that you order them at least 15 days prior to your wedding day so that it could be designed and made properly. Other than that, you can choose from a wide range of flowers available to craft your unique floral jewellery for your wedding.

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