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Unique Transportation Ideas for your Wedding Day!

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Hello Folks!

Renting limos or Rolls Royce is a very traditional and little expensive means of transportation of the wedding day. If you are looking to make a creative appearance to your wedding then people this post is just for you. I know classic cars are awesome to carry, don’t take me wrong here but I want to make your appearance little more interesting by these wedding ideas.

Here’s a breakdown of recommendations for all the wedding transportation you need for the big day.

wedding-transportation-school-bus | 123WeddingCards

School Bus for the Squad

Something you wouldn’t hope to see here in the UK yet goes to the US and you would commonly observe many transports hauling kids away to class. Frankly Speaking, if this had been my school transport I would have gotten one consistently with no delay. It would have fulfilled me so to see this brilliant beam of daylight trundling not far off every morning, which is the reason I think they make the best wedding transportation.

bride-and-groom-on-vespa-scooter | 123WeddingCards

You gonna rock this “Vespa”

On the off chance that you favour yourselves as characters out of ‘Psychos’ the Vespa would be the ideal retro getaway for the both of you. It would look like something straight out of a film, you two, the open street ahead and windblown hair.

wedding-vintage-bicycle | 123WeddingCards

Back to Bicycle

Odds are a bicycle won’t be exceptionally useful yet despite everything we cherish utilizing them for photograph openings.

wedding-transport-boat | 123WeddingCards

How about Boating

When you advise individuals you are touching base to your wedding by vessel you could hope to see a couple stressed faces yet we think it would be a wonderful approach to arrive and leave, set aside some opportunity to unwind, appreciate the environment and truly be at the time with either your marriage party or your other half, before the frenzy truly starts.


A “Walk” to remember

Strolling won’t appear like a decent approach to get to your wedding however in the event that your scene is inside strolling separation and the climate is on your side, why not walk to the venue together? It may be exactly what you have to quiet those big day nerves and will give you and your hubby to be with a co cozy moment just among you before you spend whatever remains of the day with your visitors.



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