RSVP Card: An Ultimate Guide on What, Why, How, and More?

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Now, as you finalized your wedding invitation card, the next step is to decide on RSVP cards on the wedding invitation. Wording on your invite card must comply with the basic etiquettes to create a mesmerizing effect on the guests. No matter how impressive is your invitation card, only an appropriate RSVP on wedding invitations can make it perfect! From traditional to classic, whimsical or creative, whatever you choose, it must be simple and able to convey notable information.

Although there are no strict etiquettes for wedding invitation RSVP, a specific pattern is come after in most of the wedding invites to make them concise and clear. Here is a brief guide on what to include in your wedding invitation to make them meaningful:

What is RSVP in the Invitation Card?

Repondez, s’ilvousplait is what RSVP stands for! It means, Responds if you please. It is the request made by the host to their guests to confirm their presence on the D-day. The wedding cost and to make arrangements for all the guests coming in.

How do RSVP Card Work?

The obligation to reply to your wedding invitation lies with your guests. You can only make necessary arrangements when you will be sure about the number of guests coming to your wedding. Say, if you arranged for 100 guests, but just 60-70 of them turned up, it will lead to wastage of 30% – 40% of total preparations. A wedding is a cost-intensive affair, and one should avoid such situations. 

What to Include in RSVP?

There might be some guests who wonder, What is the meaning of RSVP? They are likely to skip when reading. RSVP by July 13th. Hence you can substitute it with the following words:

Request you to respond by July 13th.

Kindly reply latest by July 13th. 

Highlight the date of reply to realize guests that the timeline is main. After all, you need time to make the necessary arrangements. You can use either of the following ways to include RSVP:

Informal Invitation – Kindly respond by July 13th 

Formal Invitation – It is requested to reply by July 13th

How to Include RSVP to Your Wedding Invite?

The traditional RSVP always calls for a formal wedding invite on a postcard being a modern Bride/Groom you can use online RSVP, provided your guests are tech-savvy too! A wedding website is trending nowadays for its convenience and cost. However, it is widely used for informal wedding invites while formal invites must be sent through elite wedding invitation cards.

Alternatively, you can use email address, telephone, or text/audio messages for the informal invitation to your wedding. Receiving online RSVPs via online forms or emails can be fun too. But make sure that for the guests who are not versed with online platforms, appropriate arrangements must be done to send wedding invites via offline mode. 

If you are using the online mode of wedding invite, the RSVP goes as follows;

RSVP at the wedding website www.abdc.com or to the groom’s mother at 123-456. Please respond by July 13th.

Make sure to include this note at the bottom of your wedding invite.

Keep the RSVP Card Interesting

The way your wedding invitation outshines, your RSVP card must be captivating. It should be a beautifully decorated card with an element of fun to motivate your guests to respond. However, make sure to follow the right wording etiquettes without making it confusing. Try to keep it short and crisp. 

Ask Them Casually to Respond

There is no harm in requesting your guests to respond to RSVP. You can mention like this:

We are excited to see you at the wedding. Eagerly waiting for RSVP card back

At times, close friends and relatives believe that they do not require to respond as you know that they can not miss this important event of your life. Mentioning this helps in encouraging them to respond as well. 

Do Not Afraid of Sending an RSVP Reminder

Although you can expect most of your guests to respond to your RSVP cards, there might be a few who might forget or skip. There is no shame in sending a reminder on the mentioned RSVP deadline to re-confirm. They might appreciate your effort and reply to you soon. 

Also, those who initially avoiding to be a part of your celebration may feel obliged to make it to your wedding. Is not it amazing?

Give Appropriate Time – The Right Time to RSVP

Expecting the RSVP card response within 2 – 3 days is not recommended. Send your wedding invitation at least 15-20 days ago with the timeline for an RSVP return card for at least seven days. Everyone has a specific schedule, and making last-minute alterations to their prior commitments is arduous. A wedding invite received 15-20 days before the D-day gives them ample time to make necessary arrangements. 

Similarly, just two days to respond to your RSVP cards can be difficult for your guests.

To Cancel or Change an RSVP

If you have an emergency like an accident or something, then canceling an RSVP will be a wiser choice. 

You need to understand that host of a wedding has already made all the plans assuming that you will be coming to the wedding. 

If you decline the RSVP at the right time, it will help the host to get the time to reconsider all the factors to reschedule finance and other opportunities.

In another scenario, if you have declined the RSVP but discovered that you somehow manage to attend the wedding, then connect with the host and see if the occupancy is available.

Is it Considerable to Not RSVP?

The answer is not. It is always inconsiderate not to RSVP. However, many people don’t RSVP because they do not want to disappoint the host.

No doubt the intention is pure, but sometimes this thing often leads to a more troublesome situation.

It will leave the host with an incomplete list of respondents and lead to hosts to many other problems such as planning food quantities, issues relating to minimum guarantees with catering halls, having uncertainties over the number of party favors, and many more.

There often comes a situation, where people don’t send RSVPs because they are not sure if they will be able to join the wedding or not. In such a situation, To be honest with the host, let them know about your situation, and in this way, they can accordingly make accommodations for you as per the situation.

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