Steps to Planning a Rehearsal Dinner

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Are you planning a Wedding  rehearsal dinner? We’ve broken down the process into 10 easy steps.

1. Choose Who Will Be The Host For Rehearsal Dinner

Host for rehearsal dinner

Traditionally typically, the groom’s parents will handle the rehearsal dinner. However, nowadays, anything is possible. If the two parents’ families share the wedding ceremony’s expenses, you and your spouse might want to cover your rehearsal meal. Discuss the most effective solution to your situation with your partner and your parents.

2. Select a Fun Theme

An enjoyable way to start your celebrations is to include the wedding theme in the rehearsal dinner. It is possible to build your party around your culture or even play up the wedding venue.

3. Pick A Unique Location For Rehearsal Dinner

Pick A Unique Location For Rehearsal Dinner

Choosing a preferred household eatery or one that is meaningful for your couple certainly has alternatives. “We love a rehearsal dinner that is intimately held at a family home. Or, if your wedding venue is at a hotel, consider spots in the hotel that are more unique than the traditional wedding locations. Around the hotel pool, in a charming bar, or even a large guest suite with a view.”

4. Make an Invitation List

The list of guests for the rehearsal dinner typically comprises members of the family who are close to them, members as well as anyone who is taking part in your wedding’s ceremony (including the officiant), as well as their spouses or partners. It is also a good idea to invite guests from out of town to attend the event. If you do find yourself with a large list of guests to invite, it is possible to keep the cost low by offering only drinks and hors d’oeuvres, or desserts, as opposed to an entire meal.

5. Consider Timing For Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner program typically takes place the evening prior to the wedding ceremony, typically on Friday. Typically it is expected that the wedding rehearsal commences at approximately at 5:15 p.m. and usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. The dinner is held right after the rehearsal, generally at 7 p.m. If you are having an event on the weekend or during the holidays, there are a variety of alternatives. Some couples opt to have a rehearsal meal two days before the wedding to ensure that everyone gets more time to unwind and relax before the wedding. If the majority of guests won’t be arriving until the day of the wedding, having you could have a breakfast party in the morning before the wedding can be possible.

6. Make a Menu Plan

If you’re hosting the rehearsal dinner in your preferred restaurant or banquet hall (in which case you’ll have to contract catering), make sure you prepare the menu set up early during the planning phase. If you’re not sure, think about serving your favorite local dishes to help introduce guests from outside the area to local food options. Who doesn’t like Chicago pizza? New Orleans Cajun, Tex-Mex, as well as Maine lobster? Your guests will gobble it all up.

7. Make Plans To Move The Mic.

Although it is common to have the host greet guests at the start of the celebration, Some guests might be inclined to stand up and offer a brief toast. Yassin suggests that couples “pick an emcee for the evening who can oversee all of the toasts and speeches.” Don’t be shocked if you see plenty of roasting as toasting. And do everything in good humor. You and your partner are also encouraged to prepare brief speeches for yourself (either following the host’s remarks or right before the party closes).

8. Offer Gifts To The Wedding Guests

A rehearsal meal is a traditional moment to give gifts to guests of the wedding celebration (especially in the case of items you’d like them to wear to your wedding). You are also welcome to make a point of thanking your parents of yours for their love, guidance and help–any gift you’ve got to them could be given out during this time.

9. Be Sure To Remember Any Urgent Reminders

When the meal comes to a close, make sure to make announcements concerning the wedding. Check that everyone in your wedding party is aware of what they’re required to bring and when and where they’re required to arrive to be prepared. If you’re hosting more guests, inform your guests of any planned activities they can participate in the following day and any pickup time and location in the form of transportation that you’ve set up to transport guests to and from the wedding ceremony.

10. Be Sure To Enjoy Yourself

When you and your spouse have put in so much effort in planning the wedding, and you’re now ready to relax the night with one another and your family. You should plan for something enjoyable as your wedding rehearsal meal will go relaxed and stress-free.

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