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Essential Etiquette’s to Consider Being a Great Wedding Guest by 123WeddingCards

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Ever wondered about the sinking feeling bride and groom gets after the wedding ceremony?? Well, the culprits are the guests lacking in very basic yet crucial etiquettes. The less important looking etiquettes are easy to skip just because they aren’t that important. However, the absence of these little etiquettes indeed causes a lot of trouble for the wedded pair.

Essential Etiquettes to Consider Being a Great Wedding Guest, Ideas by 123WeddingCards

So, if you’re lucky belly is about to attend a wedding this season, well it’s time to know and learn some crucial little etiquettes that indeed come in handy while attending a wedding, or many of them if you are lucky enough.

So, let’s jump right into it and dig up some important etiquette to know

Letting them know your response:

You do have to start with the very foremost and sensible step to be a well-mannered guest. And that is by replying to their invitation.

Not informing them about whether you are coming or not does drive them crazy as it somehow affects the budget for their wedding. The more uncertainty about the arrival of guests, the more uncertain becomes the budget. Imagine how troublesome it can be. So, let’s ease them about the budget and reply to their invitations.

Letting them know your response RSVP-8248D - 123WeddingCards

However, it’s just not about replying to them for the invitation; you must answer the RSVP Invitation Cards in the form in which they requested. Otherwise, it would be like sending the boat to an airport and trust me; you don’t want to look that stupid in front of them.

Let’s prove to them that you are not just about the belly:

A good enthusiast man once said, “SHOW UP ON THE CEREMONY AS WELL.” Indeed, you don’t want them you think that you care about the open bars in the receptions and not the ceremony.

Let’s prove to them that you are not just about the belly

Attending the wedding ceremony is a sign of good etiquette and makes the wedding pair feel that their marriage means something to you. Reading those few important words on the wedding invitation card, i.e., Full catholic mass makes it explicit for you to know that you indeed have to attend the ceremony as well as the reception.

So next time, if such card arrives with such vivid information, do attend the complete marriage and not just the open bars.

Be the sugar, not the spice:

No one wants to see an odd guest declining to participate in all wedding traditions. Maybe you think “oh that’s so outdated?” about the traditions.

wedding guest participating in a wedding tradition

However, the wedding ceremony in its existence is a million years old ritual, duh…!! It will be outdated. Still, that’s what a wedding is all about, knowing and feeling the tradition of being united. So, instead of closing all the doors of engaging in, you do need to participate in some of them, if not all. To make it clearer, see the wedding as a cake, a sugary and sweet one and even a pinch of spice ruins the whole Cake.

So stop being the Spice and be the Sugar.

Understand the dress code:

Agreed, that only few invitations provide the details of dress codes.

Wedding Guest Dress Code

But it still depends upon you that how well you read and tried to understand the dress code the event is going to have. If not mentioned in the wedding card, calling the other invitee and asking them about the dress will be more appropriate and right way to get closer to know about the dressing pattern.

Yes, looking different in an event provides the attention of the people. But there’s a lot of difference between looking versatile and looking odd. And let’s digest it; no one wants to look odd in a big event like this. However, don’t disturb the bride by asking about the dress, she has her confusions, as someone indeed has to look versatile.

Don’t post anything first:

Yes, you do own an iPhone, and it does click some astounding pictures. But posting some pictures of the wedding even before the bride or groom does, it ruins the fun for them.

Don’t post anything first on social media

Even if you are a professional photographer, hang in there, and have the courtesy to give the wedding pair a chance first to upload or post anything on the social media. Told you, these etiquettes do look tiny.

Bring someone with you ONLY if the invitation suggests so:

Do your hairs, put your makeup on, it’s wedding after all. But bringing someone with you even if the invitation does not mention anything about bringing someone ruins your personality in front of the wedding families.

Bring someone with you ONLY if the invitation suggests so

So take this simple tip into consideration and go by yourself even if you are alone. Or else join the other guests while arriving at the wedding.

However, if the invitation does suggest for bringing someone, don’t hesitate, call that lucky guy or girl you want to be with, it looks good having the couple feeling in a wedding.

Present a suitable gift:

The registry makes it an easy task to decide the wedding gift for the wedding pair. However, it feels odd to present a gift which is not in the registry. It makes the wedding couple feel that even after knowing what they want means nothing to you.

Want to be a free bird, go and be one, but don’t, when it comes to buying a gift for the wedding pair. Indeed, registry makes it easy for you to decide the wedding gift, even if you wish to gift something else.

Present a suitable gift

However, if there is no registry, then take your mind on a walk and think about giving something that will come in handy for them and will remain a gift to remember. Knowing their choice can help in a way to decide the gift. Gift it as you care.

Reading all these little tips for improving the etiquette and being a well-mannered guest in the wedding ceremony will surely make a difference. Always remember one thing; a good guest makes the wedding event, another experience of joy. So, keep all this in the head and get on with the wedding thing, everything will go your way certainly.

And don’t forget to wish the couple a happy married life. IT IS COMPULSORY…!!!

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