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Cultural Grand Gujarati Wedding That Will Leave You Awestruck

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Have you ever been to a traditional Gujarati wedding? Have you ever received or seen a colourful Gujarati Wedding invitations? Have you ever wondered why Gujaratis show unbounded enthusiasm at their weddings? The list of ‘Have you questions’ can continue for a long time as Gujarati weddings are perfect blend of glamour, colours and traditions that you would never witness in any other wedding. However, there is a whole lot of diversity in wedding types of Gujarati’s but, our version of Gujarati wedding will give you a proper glimpse about it.

Gujarati Wedding Ideas

Gujaratis never ask how to have a grand Gujarati wedding. It’s there, it’s there in their blood and they know how to have a colourful, grand scale and ritualistic Gujarati wedding. They start the festivities of wedding with ‘Chandlo Matli’ ritual which is quite similar to engagement. With auspicious items, the bride’s father and four other male relatives visit the house of the groom. They apply chandlo on Groom’s forehead and announce the alliance between two families.

Gujarati Wedding Traditions

A lot of pre-wedding ceremonies marks the onset of grand Gujarati wedding. With Mandva Mahurat, the parents of the couple seeks blessing from the mother earth. Small pooja is performed at both bride and groom places. On the same day, priest performs the pooja of Griha shanti which is done to calm all the nine planets. Along with this, a perfect date and time is decided according to the zodiac signs of the bride and groom.

Gujarati Kankotri

Following the Mandva Mahurat and Griha shanti, the ceremony of Pithi and Mameru are performed. In Pithi ceremony, a mixture of herbs, mogra, rosewater and sandalwood powder is applied on the beautiful Gujarati bride. The mixture is first blessed by the priest and then the paternal uncle’s wife applies it. The Mameru ritual is performed by the bride’s maternal uncles by bringing gifts for the brides.

Gujarati Wedding Cards

The Gujarati wedding culture will be no different and it would have Jaimala in the first place, where the couple would exchange garlands. Followed by this groom’s feet are washed and he has to drink honey and milk. This ceremony is called Madhuparka ritual. The interesting ritual of Juta Churai happens during the ritual of Madhuparka wherein the sisters of the bride steals the shoes of the groom.

Gujarati Wedding

In the important ritual of Kanyadaan, the bride’s father gives his daughter’s hand to the groom and ties the groom’s shawl to bride’s saree in the Hasta Milap ritual. The joined hands of the couple and the tied ‘holy knot’ signify the union between the two. The whole place is showered with rice and rose petals and the couple takes rounds called mangalpheras around the sacred fire.

Gujarati Wedding Inspiration

Soon after the reception, the ritual of the vidaai takes place which marks the end of the wedding ceremony. The whole Gujarati wedding is full of colours, lots of dance and various rituals that you will simply love.

That’s how to have a grand Gujarati wedding.


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