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5 Creative Ideas for Arabian Nights Wedding Theme

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Looking for an authentic idea for your wedding? How about an Arabian Nights wedding theme? If you are planning a wedding on Eid Al-Fitr this is the perfect Muslim wedding theme. Magical carpet, colored lanterns, hookah on the table, luxurious harem, stylish Islamic invitations how amazing!! Is there any more thrilling, more exciting wedding theme than a conceptualized Arabian night theme for your big day? Let’s discuss 5 most creative ideas for Arabian night wedding theme to make your special day magical:

Arabian Night Wedding Theme- 123WeddingCards

1. Harem-style Decorations:

When going for an Arabian Night wedding theme do not forget to have ottomans & cushions around the venue. Make sure you place candles & brass lanterns there. Matching curtains, beautiful carpet, and colorful flower vases will surely add an extra charm to your wedding. Set a cozy decoration for your wedding. You can also put some fancy silver glasses & Arabian hookah on the table to set the mood of your guests.

2. Quinceanera Invitations:

Every couple wants to announce their big day in an incredible manner. Set the Middle Eastern vibe of your party as early as the invites. Scrolled Islamic Cards, peacock themed invitations, Quinceanera invitations and bottled invitations are creative ideas to please your guests.

Arabian Night Wedding Theme Invitations- 123WeddingCards

3. Aladdin Inspired Outfits:

Remember Aladdin? Of course; who can forget him.  As for the beautiful bride, Princess Jasmine is your inspiration! In Arabian night theme wedding; the bride can wear a fairy ball gown & bold jewelry items and consider wearing black kohl on your eyes.

4. Delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine:

Set out a tempting array of Middle Eastern dishes and appetizers, such as herb-infused kofta meatballs, wedges of warm pita bread, and falafel. Serve an array of exotic and flavorful dishes buffet style—within arm’s reach of the “lounging area. End up with delicious sweets & desserts like lokum, baklava and so on. Of course, this special party would not be completed without beverages to accompany its rich and complex flavors.

Arabian Night Wedding Theme Food- 123WeddingCards

5. Dazzling Party Favors:

Make your guests feel special by displaying the favors in baskets! Talk about special pampering. Delight your guests with mouthwatering cake, candy boxes, Turkish delights, spices, tea leaves, and dried fruits. Cashmere shawls or scarves can be a part of special gift baskets.

Arabian Night Wedding Theme Favors- 123WeddingCards

So what are you thinking? Go on a magic carpet ride with an Arabian night wedding theme!! 

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