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Valentine Weddings Ideas – Things You Need To Decor Your Romantic Wedding!

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The world seems so red with the color of love as the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We know you know it. Actually, we just wanted to know your ideal Valentine’s Day plan this year. Seriously? You have planned your ‘Big Day’ on this day of love.

Romantic valentine wedding

Oh Wow!! Congratulations!! It is highly romantic no? Please tell us the highlights of your Valentine Wedding. Really, Just Valentine wedding Invitation offers to make it special. Nothing else! Why? The Valentine’s Day itself is so special and to add to this, you have planned your wedding on this day of love. You ought to make it special. Okay, you too want to make it a memorable one. Then, what’s wrong? Oh!! That’s the problem. You don’t know what to do? Hmm!!

Valentine wedding ideas - 123WeddingCards

Right, we are complied to make your wedding wish come true, so? You want us to tell you all the tips and bits to help you on your Valentine Wedding. Not fair! What will we get? Your smile and satisfaction!! Perfect!! Your smile is the best reward for us. Hence to make you smile, we will help you with everything from wedding dresses and altar to wedding cake, wedding Invitations, decorative flowers and soft soothing music. It’s alright!! You can thank us later.

Wedding Dresses

A wedding can be best described as the most important and auspicious occasion for the two loved ones. Since it is so, every bride and groom wants to look cool, stylish and best on their Wedding day. So, you tell us the perfect wedding attires. Oh please! No more white wedding gowns for the lady and black formal outfits for the man. Then what? Since it’s a Valentine wedding, this time, break the tradition and dress up in the color of love-Red. How about a Red evening gown for the lady and a classic trim-fit wool suit for the man? Interesting? We knew it, you will like the twist.

Valentine wedding dresses - 123WeddingCards

Wedding Altar

Besides the Wedding attires, the thing, which attracts most of the attention is indeed the Wedding altar. Why? Really!! You want us to tell you that. Good that you already know that most of the Wedding proceedings take place on the Wedding altar. For your Valentine Wedding, surprise your guest with a whimsical wedding altar. To create a unique altar for your Valentine’s Day wedding, you can place gold-spray-painted ladders on the altar and decorate it with clusters of lovely flowers. Spread some pretty rose petals to intensify the romantic feel.

Valentine wedding decor Ideas - 123WeddingCards

Wedding Invitations

Great!! You are reading all the stuff with a lot of attention. But tell us one thing, are you sure that all your dearest and nearest ones will attend your wedding? Not sure, Right? In such a case, Choose from our Valentine offers, which are exclusively designed for you all. We have a vast collection of Wedding Cards, Place Cards, Menu cards, Indian wedding cards, Scroll wedding invitations, Rustic wedding invitations and so on and on. The list is too long. Choose the color ‘red’ and customize your wedding cards to create your very own, special Valentine Wedding Invitation.

Valentine wedding invitations - 123WeddingCards

Wedding Cake, Confectioneries & Food

Since you have planned your wedding on the Valentine’s Day, you should add something on the theme of love in all these things. Why? Oh, come on guys! The memories of flowers, decorations, altar and dresses all will fade with time. But, most of the people remember marriages for the exotic, rich and yummy food. So, it’s your responsibility to offer the world’s best food to your guests, which they will remember for the years to come. For Wedding Cake, you can select a heart shaped red velvet cake due to the fact it looks just perfect. And, it’s yummy too. For food, add the color of love as much as you can. Hey! You can try some Indian delicacies like the ‘Carrot pudding’. And, make sure that every food stall is equipped with the ‘love Candies’.

 Valentine wedding Cakes - 123WeddingCards

Surprise Elements!!

Surprises in a wedding? What? How? Why? Oh! Stop bombarding so many questions on us at the same time. We will give all the answers. First, let us take a deep breath to explain. So, you want to know what could be the possible surprise elements in your Valentine Wedding. How about a wedding lounge in place of normal sitting arrangement? You already like it, right? Then the second surprise element could be the photo booth. What’s a photo booth? Place two blackboards at the venue of your marriage. And on board, write the likes of the girls and on the other write the likes of the boys. Make sure that the likes of both should vary. And at the end of the boards, you can write ‘Still they love each other’. All your guests could pose at this photo booth to give you a memory for the lifetime. Hey! Don’t jump. We know it’s a wonderful idea. But, we have more. You can also arrange a treasure hunt at your Valentine wedding. We knew it! This time, we won’t need to explain. Now, you wanted to know ‘Why’. What? You already got the answers. Great! Then plan your wedding on this Valentine Day and cherish your love for a lifetime.

Valentine wedding decor - 123WeddingCards

Well, we hope we are invited too!!

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