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Top 10 Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding – 123WeddingCards

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Planning to tie knots this Valentine’s Day? Must say, the selection of date is above ‘impressive’.  Valentine’s Day is indeed the best day to get hitched.

Did you know? On this day, Saint Valentine broke the law that forbade men to marry. He believed in love and marriage and there can be no better date than the 14th of Feb to celebrate the union of soul-mates.

Love is in the air. What are you waiting for? Fuse the fragrances of love with the bliss of your wedding day to bloom an exquisite aura that makes your guests fall in love with your big day.

Mentioned below are a few valentine’s day wedding ideas to earmark a perfect wedding day.

Well, it’s Valentine! Top 10 Ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding1. Tell your story

What can be better than narrating your love story on the day when half of the populace is either searching for love or is celebrating love? Broadcast your love story such that they have nothing to say but ‘aaaaw’. You can choose from a range of choices such as poetry, jingle, role play, etc. Whatever works for you!

Just remember to cherish and nourish the story with all your heart.

Tell your story2. Heart Shaped Balloons

Deck up the entire space with heart-shaped balloons placed all around the aisle. The set-up is certainly going to look mind-Blowing. What more? Place some photoshoot props near the arrangement and see wait to see the magic. You can also, take bigger balloons and keep them for yourself while giving the smaller ones to your guests. Next is what? Time to click, obviously….

Heart Shaped Balloons3. For A Hearty Welcome

Give your guests a hearty welcome with an entry gate designed in the shape of a heart and painted in red. So that the moment they step in, they know it’s you, Mr. and Mrs. Romantic who are celebrating their togetherness. Furthermore, satiate their appetite with a red cupcake counter placed right at the entry gate.

For A Hearty Welcome4. What about the cake?

A good wedding cake isn’t everyone’s piece of cake! Red and ivory can be your pick, think of add-on accessories such as rose petals, heart-shaped chocolates, love Cupid, teddy bear, etc that can be placed near the big fat wedding cake. Looking for some wordplay? Place a miniature flag atop your cake saying, ‘I love every layer of you’. We bet, here your guests will be bound ‘aaaw’!

What about the cake

5. Emboss your love on Valentine’s themed wedding card

Heart Shape Valentine Theme Wedding Invitation- 123WeddingCards

Romantic embossed wedding invites with tinctures or baby pink, white and sky blue can be your pick for a wedding that speaks of love and romance. If you want your wedding invitation card to be cut in a proper heart-shaped design, laser cut to stands out to be a great option. Your red and white ribbons can be utilized optimally here! Furthermore, heart-shaped escorts cards too can be added to your selection of stunning wedding stationery.

Valentine Theme Wedding Card- 123WeddingCards6. An ode to your romantic dress code

Red and white it can be! Make an official announcement of the dress code in your wedding card and get prepared for a wedding photo shoot that has hues of a perfect romantic wedding. You can also suggest your guests pick up a famous couple and dress up like them this Valentine’s. It can be the classic Romeo-Juliet or some famous couple from their favorite TV series/ Movie.

An ode to your romantic dress code 7. Be ready for Beverages

Dip your excitement in the syrup of love and serve it well to your guest list. Treat your guest with all your hearts at the cocktail hour with irresistible ‘True Love’s Kiss’ or ‘The Blushing Beauty’. Moreover, Raspberry juices, Red Wine, Pomegranate juices, etc are sure to fall in line with your valentine’s day themed wedding.

Valentines Day Blog8. Roses are red, your love is true

Roses can be costly though! After all, it is Valentine and couples that day literally hunt for roses. But still, when placed wisely, a few bunches of roses will do no harm. After all, valentines seem a bit incomplete without the red roses. Alternatively, if you want to fix everything in a budget, you can also opt for Amaryllis, Dahlias, Anemones, etc. These flowers will add the much needed dramatic touch to your wedding.

Roses are red, your love is true

9. “Happily, ever after” in style

Garlands made of the paper-cut heart can be used to add some pizzas to your ride of honor- your car. Fixing some heart shaped balloons too can be great work! Make your ride stand out and let the world know how truly, madly and deeply you are in love.

“Happily, ever after” in style10. Food Play

Add elements of quirk to your wedding with some witty puns and wordplay. The food corner should be juicy enough to Appeal to your friends and family. Mentioned below is the list of food puns. Use these lines to create quirky cards with cute caricatures and place them near the food. Let your guests raise their eyebrows and smile. While you enjoy your time noticing them.

Pear- We make a perfect Pear

Apple- I found her very appealing

Cherry- We love each other cherry much

Sandwiches- We are each other’s better half

Donut- We donut know what we could have done without each other

Food Play

We hope the valentine wedding ideas will help you in planning a perfect romantic wedding for your big day.

Cheers and wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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