11 Best proposal ideas for Thanksgiving and beyond!

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Holidays always takes the spotlight when it comes to proposing your beloved and among all the holidays, Christmas, New Year eve and Valentine’s Day are the most celebrated one. However, there is one holiday that is often overlooked when it comes to expressing love.

Of course, we are talking about Thanksgiving Day that could be the most appropriate time for your proposal. Wanna see, how you can do it, check out our Thanksgiving proposal ideas along with some more unique ideas for a proposal.


Right on the family dinner table

Thanksgiving Day is the time to celebrate with family and friends and if your family has the tradition of gathering around the dinner table, it’s the right time to pop up that question to her. For this, just be sure that she is ready for the marriage or not and you should definitely find the best way to propose.

Right on the family dinner table

Light up the proposal

Most of the cities light up their trees during thanksgiving and so much of light is the perfect ingredient of a romantic proposal. Right in the midst of lights, ask your beloved that one question.

Light up the proposal

Majestic boat trip

You can add this perfect proposal idea in your Thanksgiving Day. Take her out to a romantic boat trip and in the middle of beauty of waters, ask her if she will be there with you forever.

majestic boat trip

Sunset is beautiful

A lot of vibrant colors appear on the skies when the sunset falls and it seems the most romantic time of the day. Asking a romantic question on the lighthouse in the sunset, nothing could be more magical than this.

Sunset is beautiful

In the middle of farmer market

Small and local farmer market is the perfect place to purchase veggies and fruits for Thanksgiving dinner and you know nobody can imagine that you can propose in such a setting. Moreover, everyone around you would love to help you for this Thanksgiving proposal idea.

In the middle of farmer market

Pumpkin season

Pumpkin is the main ingredient of Thanksgiving Day and it can help you with your best marriage proposal idea. Take your beloved to your local pumpkin patch and tell her that you found the one. When she ask where it is? You can tell her that you have found her not the pumpkin.

pumpkin patch

Under the water proposal

A proposal under water is the most romantic proposal idea. If you girl loves adventure and nature, take her to a scuba diving trip and just when she is enjoying the underwater, pop up that question.

Under the waters proposal

On the beach

This may sound like a low-budget idea but, it is one of the best ways to propose. Take your beloved to a romantic beach and sit hands and hands to watch the sunset. Just then, ask that one question which will change your life forever.

On the beach

In the middle of a cornucopia

Fill your cornucopia with lots of sentimental keepsakes that remind you of your beautiful relationship along with your ring. Place this as a centerpiece and ask her to look through it and once she finds the ring, it’s the time to ask her that one question.

In the middle of cornucopia

During the Thanksgiving parade

Every year, most of the cities organize Thanksgiving Day parade and they are so fun to attend that nobody misses them. Take this parade as an opportunity to propose by renting a flat trailer with lots of decoration and the words, “Will you marry me?” mention the name too. See the expression of amazement on her face.

During the Thanksgiving parade

Over the romantic dinner

Okay, we have mentioned thanksgiving dinner already but, thanksgiving dinner is a family affair not a romantic one. Arrange a romantic dinner for her at a beautiful setting like the beach and hide the ring in the middle of the desserts to ask her if she would love to spend rest of her life with you.

over the romantic dinner

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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