Wedding Proposal

Top 5 Ideas That Will Compel Her To Say “Yes!”

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Celebrating sweet 16th birthday, graduating from high school, driving alone for the first time, earning first paycheck……

Best Wedding proposal ideas

A couple of delicious memories that leaves an earmark in our lives, one of the unforgettable memories is WEDDING PROPOSAL! The story of how you proposed shall be narrated to all your family and friends so, leave no chance for regrets. Here are a few ideas of making your wedding proposal immortal:-

1)      Classified! Publicize your love for your sweet heart with an advertisement printed in the newspaper. The paper cutting shall always be preserved by your love as a memento. Isn’t it really cool?

Wedding Proposal Ideas By 123WeddingCards

2)      If you are a foodie, propose her in the restaurant where you had your first date. Personalize the cards with your proposal written within. Once she opens the menu card, sit on your knees and propose.

3)      If you have been to adventurous trips and are adventure lovers then proposing her during Sky Diving can be a whimsical idea to head on with.

skydiving Prposal Ideas by 123weddingcards

4)      Small little surprises often do the greatest wonders! For giving her a cute remark of your love, set your Wedding Proposal as her screen saver. So, that as soon as she sees it, she is left out with nothing but an awww…

Marry me - 123WeddingCards

5)      Last but not the least; come up with a unique wedding ring. The charm and sparkle the uncommon ring brings on your love’s face shall be worth a notice.

unique proposal ideas

To jolt your darling with your style, personalize the ideas and come with your “Something Different” for the day. Wish you all the very best! Go ahead and succeed!

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