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Your BFF has appointed you for the weddingography?

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Listen, its OK! Be brave and take the responsibility and please stop making scenes about it by asking everyone for the tips….

Well, on a serious note- we understand wedding photography is a real big issue. This responsibility comes with no “Second Warning” so if the photographs haven’t come out pretty, be ready to face the sad and disappointed hearts. For a second, it can be easier to handle the groom but, the bride? No chance, in photographs every girl wants to look even better. So puff up yourself for the enormous challenge. Remember- Your friends trust you and that’s why you have been selected for the honors, now it’s your time to prove your potential. Following below are some words of advice for you brave man:

Wedding group photo

The Checklist

Don’t miss out a single shot! Prepare a checklist comprising the details of when, where and how to shoot. On the wedding day you are the monitor of the whole class, everyone will follow your instructions so be clear with your thoughts and ideas so that you may direct the folks.

Photographer Checklist

Coordination with the couple

It’s their day let them speak all that they want! Conduct a proper “Serious” meeting (yes, you are bff’s but still, it’s important!) this will create a link among your thoughts. Ask as much as you can and clear all your doubts for the wedding photography.

cordination with couple

Pre wedding photo shoot

No, we don’t want you to die of stress! It would only help you in gaining confidence for your photography. Remember the old school sayings “Practice makes a man perfect”. Moreover, it would also enable the couple to think deeply about their decision of finalizing you for the wedding shoot.

Pre wedding photoshoot

A few techniques…

Select the locations where you want your camera to travel. Check the light effects, temperature, transportation; every single point should be counted. Select the Continuous Shooting Mode for your camera and don’t mind clicking for similar shots, it will assure a few good photographs at the end. Get ready to click from every angle Zoom in- Zoom-out.

Wedding photograph location

Group Shots- A not to miss component

Group shots are lovely when captured in random! Don’t miss the laughter and happy smiles. Be extra smart when you click them. Because once you and your camera are spotted, those girls will start posing leaving behind the natural smiles they have got!

group shot laughter

Do you have a back-up plan?

Wish you were an octopus! You could easily manage to capture the pair while at the same time shooting the merry audience haaha… an octopus with cameras! Try searching for an assistant who can be your third hand. Talk to your friend if he can help you out with this.

Be prepared for the worst

“Sometimes bad things happen before the good things can”. Act spiritedly if anything goes against you; go according to the situations the situations will never go according to you.

You are the Santa of the day!

Perfect wedding Photoshot

No you are not going to give them gifts neither we are going to ask you to roll in with big beard and red costume! Santa because; your work will be to keep the guests happy and amazed. So, that they accommodate you with the best of their smiles and laughter.

Study, Research and Practice as much as you can after all it’s your best friend’s wedding. Good luck! Wish you the best of photographs…

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  1. My mum’s a photographer and I pretty much grew up in the dark room at home. Just so fascinating – and so so much goes into it. Really great post about all the intricate little things to consider and something I believe every photography student should read! LOVE the images you chose as well! Absolutely stunning girl xx

    I have followed yoU! Hope to keep in touch!

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