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Bright and Vibrant Hindu Weddings and their Invitation Cards

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Hindu wedding invitations

Marriage in Hindu style is regarded as the most traditional and cultural event in the whole world. In each and every ceremony utmost importance is given to each tradition and is performed as per the Hindu traditions and customs. Hindu marriage is basically a mutual bond between two families having different cultural values. The marriages in Hindu’s are mostly arranged giving love or inter-caste marriage minimal importance.

In Hindu Weddings the first step is generally the meeting between bride and groom’s families.

During the first step members of both the families meet and boy and girl are formally introduced and after matching the horoscope of both the girl and boy, a particular day is fixed for wedding. But, while selecting the date and time both the families consult astrologer. After selecting the date an auspicious day is selected by both the families of both boy and girl and exchanges the gifts and blessings. After this the boy and the girl exchange rings and are officially engaged as life partners.

Like every tradition is relevant in performing the marriage ceremony in the same manner wedding invitation card has the same importance and relevance in completing the Hindu marriage ceremony perfectly. You can never imagine a wedding without a proper invitation card. Invitation cards are the medium or tool to warmly invite your relatives and guests to have their blessings for the auspicious occasion of marriage. The most important part in selecting a particular invitation card is the theme of the bridal ceremony as it denotes your style and liking. Invitation cards give much needed weight for a well designed wedding celebration and memorable event.

Designer Hindu wedding cards


With various options available for selecting an invitation card will always vary as per the religion and traditional values and culture of the families of the bride and groom is also given utmost importance. For example the type of Sikh wedding invitation card will be different from the Hindu wedding invitation card. Another relevant factor which makes card different from other community is the religious symbols and wordings as it reveals the exact religion and culture.

Any Hindu wedding invitation will always carry the detailed information about the Hindu wedding ceremony. Giving a brief info on the invitation cards used by the Hindus, it generally contains religious signs and symbols of Hindu religion and god like Lord Ganesha are placed on the centre of the invitation card. At the same time Hindu cards will carry turmeric and some grains of rice as it gives signs of good omen for the marriage ceremony. So always select card as per the religious customs and rituals.

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