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Head-to-Toe Bridal Beauty Routine for A More Beautiful You!

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Desire to look the most astonishing on the wedding day is every girl’s most cherished dream. However, only a few know that the journey of the bride-to-be to look absolutely fab starts long before the wedding day. Yes, if you want to look the most ravishing on your wedding day, you have to get going long before. How? Check out our 10 pre-grooming tips for bride and assure the awesomeness for you on your wedding day.

10 pre-grooming tips for bride - 123WeddingCards
10 Pre-grooming tips for bride – 123WeddingCards

Whiten your teeth

Whiten your teeth- 123WeddingCards
Whiten your teeth- 123WeddingCards

Wedding day definitely calls for lots of wedding photographs and we are sure that you don’t want to flash your dirty teeth in your pictures hence, one of the best self-care tips for bride is to make sure that the teeth shine pearly white. You can either use whitening toothpaste and whitening strips.

Frequent manicures and pedicures

Frequent manicures and pedicures- 123WeddingCards
Frequent manicures and pedicures- 123WeddingCards

First of all, let us clarify that it is essential to focus on each and every thing and you really can’t leave your feet just like that. We would recommend that include frequent manicures and pedicures in your long list of pre-grooming tips for bride.

Focus on food

Focus on food- 123WeddingCards
Focus on food- 123WeddingCards

When it comes to pre-bridal tips, you really can’t ignore what you eat. Everyone would suggest bride to be to eat right and healthy. Healthy food will make your skin glow for deep within.

Prep up your face

Prep up Your Face- 123WeddingCards
Prep up Your Face- 123WeddingCards

Bridal beauty routine should definitely need to include ideas to make the face look glowing. For this, we recommend you to exfoliate more and more. You can either do it physically or chemically but, it would help you to plump up fine lines and wrinkles around your face.

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Moisturize your skin

When it comes to pre-grooming tips for bride, remember that beautiful skin can make you look absolutely gorgeous and for this reason, make sure that you keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all the time.

Eyebrows decide the look

Eyebrows decide the look- 123WeddingCards
Eyebrows decide the look- 123WeddingCards

Indeed, one thing that can change your overall look is your eyebrow so as one of the important pre-bridal tips, we suggest you to simply take care of your eyebrows. Make sure that they are in proper shape on your wedding day.

Choose a hair plan

Choose a hair for Bride -123WeddingCards
Choose a hair for Bride -123WeddingCards

Just like the eyebrows and skin, the hair also has the power to decide how you are going to look on your wedding day. So, we suggest you to use a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Make sure that you start conditioning your hair a few months before your wedding day. This is something that will add all the charm to your beauty on your wedding day so choose a hair plan & decide your hairstyle for your Big Day.

Pink lips

Lips of bride-to-be should look equally sensuous as their other features and you don’t need to pay much attention also. Simply apply a thin layer of lip balm everyday starting from at least 3 months before your wedding.

Makeup test

Makeup test -123WeddingCards
Makeup test -123WeddingCards

While following the bridal boutique routine faithfully, we suggest all the brides-to be to go for makeup test days before the wedding. With this, they would come to know what suits their skin type and skin tone.

Sleep soundly

Every self-care tips for bride is important but, the most important is to take sound sleep every day. Sound sleep assures healthy skin, beautiful eyes, calm mind and active you.

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