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Why to get married – For Longevity & Good Health????

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There are number of reasons why people need to get married instead of living single. I think everyone in this world desires to get married rather staying single. One of the reasons can be to raise children together by becoming couple. It is also stated that once you get married, you have a glowing body and which suggests marriage may be beneficial for both men and women from health point of view. According to a survey, if you compare the married people with the people who are widowed or are single, the married couple is live longer then the single man or woman. In addition, it can also be said that due to healthy food at home with the combination of health insurance has led to make married couples happier and healthier.

1. Superior financial protection: As we all know, money always has been the primary source of stress or tension between men and women. But, after getting married, by having dual income it helps in reducing stress and other problems related to it and it gives sound physical and mental health to both man and woman. It is also said that after getting married, men become more responsible and take their job or work seriously and always try to earn more, so as to have better life which leads to superior financial security or protection.

2. Monitoring Health regularly: After getting married, couples pay attention to health issues and always keep an eye on the health related concerns which is very less with single man or woman. They also try to get the best health insurance policy which gives them benefit as a couple. In married life, the spouse always urges to follow up on doctors’ appointment and scheduling routine health screenings.


3. Security & Safety: After getting married, the partners are committed to each other and this reduces the rick of developing a disease through intimate relation with other man or woman. After marriage, couples are calmer and always try to reduce any kind of violent encounter with other people. Married couples always try to set example to others by behaving in a matured manner and try to bring safety and security both the partners.

4. Mental health improves: After getting married, people become more calm and quiet. They have fewer worries as both the couple try to solve any kind of problem that arises in future. Both give valuable tips to each other in tacking a particular concern or problem. The spouse cooks healthy food at home which makes the health of the husband better. As it always said, healthy food always makes mind and body healthy. It is also seen that single man or woman are more prone to bad habits like alcohol etc which leads to various dangerous diseases.

So, it can be concluded that getting married has various health related benefits and this gives valid reasons to many single man or woman to get married and to lead a happy life.

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