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Weddings are fun, but they can turn stressful too. There are times when you are perplexed as to how something would come alive during a real wedding ceremony. These compulsive thought cycles can leave you worried. But we have got a fix – a well-planned wedding rehearsal. A wedding rehearsal clearly includes two parts which require a genuine run-through – Choreography and Blocking.

Things You Need to Know about a Perfect Wedding Rehearsal 123WeddingCards

Let’s look at them in some detail now:

A. Choreography comprises of Procession and Recession

 1. The Procession and its order– The Procession refers to the entry of people to the wedding ceremony. So before you decide on rehearsing the procession, answer some questions for yourself.

The Procession

Will you and your partner process together? Will you be accompanied by your parents? Will the officiant process? How will the guest process?

These are perfectly your choices and will guide your wedding rehearsal through a planned path.

2. Slow and steady steps– Yes, save yourself from all the clumsiness and awkwardness and walk short-paced steps. Space out your Procession according to the room in the aisle. If you’re processing in sets of four, you’ll have more space in comparison to when you’re processing in sets of eighteen or more. So be watchful of that too.

3. Go and gone – The Recession. Recession is the slot when people exit the wedding ceremony. It follows a specific order – The couple, followed by the wedding party (in pairs), and the officiant. In the end, the parents’ recess followed by the guests.

The Recession

B. Blocking

The second and final chunk of the wedding ceremony. It refers to the positioning of people in the wedding ceremony.

 Let’s look at the elements in detail:

1. Positioning parents– They’re the happiest to see you happy on your big day. Traditionally they are seated on the same side as the couple and all they get to do is gaze at your heads. A better place would be in the aisle opposite to where the couple is seated.

Positioning parents

2. The wedding party– They are usually seated in a symmetrical fashion during the wedding rehearsal dinner– in straight, curved or diagonal lines. The left side is a replica of the right side in terms of space, the number of people, type of seating, etc.

The Wedding Party

3. The couple– The King and the Queen stand close together. Don’t forget to look at each other with love pouring out from both of you. Holding hands is nice too. You’re getting married, after all.

The couple

4. Readers, Readings and Rings– The most important part of the wedding is here! Plan out how and where the readers are going to stand. You might also need microphones if your gathering is larger and consequently, the spacing will be modified. During the reading, the couple will be facing the reader, that is, the officiant.

Readers, Readings and Rings

Make sure you assign the responsibility of the rings to an adult. Even if you have children at the wedding to carry the rings, make sure that they are monitored by an adult.

5. The Officiant – The officiant is placed in the middle, behind the couple and moves one step to the left when the couple kisses. To make sure that the transition takes place smoothly, ensure that there is enough space near the officiant.

The Officiant

Amidst all the haste, you aren’t a superwoman who’ll make sure if everything is perfectly done. So tell your best friend to be the Monica to her Phoebe and ensure that the wedding ceremony takes place smoothly.

Be mindful of the nature of the wedding ceremony: If you’re planning an elaborate wedding ceremony which requires guests to stand at specific places, involves a lot of rituals, etc., it is a good idea to rehearse everything as you’d like it to happen on your wedding day. If yours is a simple ceremony which involves you, your partner, the officiant, and some close friends, then you can skip the run-through and go for a quick recap instead, in which you don’t read what you are going to speak.

Also, be aware that you don’t practice the ceremony in front of the same guests as it would become tedious for them.

Plan a quick wedding attire rehearsal too to ensure that the fitting is top-notch and the dress is comfortable. If there are some alterations needed, you’ll have some time in hand.

We wish you a happy wedding ahead!

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