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Wedding Cakes and Confectionery Ideas for Your Wedding Day – 123WeddingCards

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Are you getting married in just a matter of few days? Are you looking for some serious wedding cakes and confectionery inspiration for your wedding day? If yes then, you might have searched a lot so far and you must have found some cute ones but, have you got the true wedding cake idea yet? If not then, you have eventually come to the right place. We have searched some most stunningly incredible confectionary ideas that will taste as delicious as they look. Have a look

  1. What could be better than a stunning and delicious Coffee infused Mocha wedding cake?

    Coffee infused Mocha wedding cake - 123WeddingCards

  2. Delightful watercolour Elsa wedding cake ideas for the fairytale magic in your Day!watercolour Elsa wedding cake - 123WeddingCards
  3. Yumminess overloaded in vanilla flavoured cake with cheese frosting and lots of berries.vanilla flavoured cake - 123WeddingCards
  4. Tiramisu cake is beyond perfection for your wedding as it looks too amazing and taste too delicious.Tiramisu cake - 123WeddingCards
  5. Sponge watercolour cake with amazing flavours, cookies and floral icing can make the day of all your wedding guests.Sponge watercolour cake - 123WeddingCards
  6. Oh so yum! That’s all your wedding guests would see after having savoury red-velvet cupcakes.savoury red-velvet cupcakes - 123WeddingCards
  7. To have rainbow cupcakes with lip-smacking flavors is one of the best wedding cake ideas.rainbow cupcakes - 123WeddingCards
  8. Vanilla bean frosting over chocolate cupcakes is another level of ecstasy.chocolate cupcakes - 123WeddingCards
  9. Colorful buttercream and passion fruit curd on 5 layered vanilla cake for an epic drip cake.butter cream and passion fruit curd cake - 123WeddingCards
  10. Caramello cake is the perfect cake for your wedding with layers of chocolate cake, caramel and cement looking vanilla frosting. Add taste of caramel popcorn and caramello choc bar.Caramello cake - 123WeddingCards
  11. Taking the taste game to the next level by chocolate cake filled with crushed Ferrero and Nutella buttercream. Beautiful florals, edible crystals and copper accents for more fun.chocolate cake filled with crushed ferreros - - 123WeddingCards
  12. Can you really miss the action of having moist chocolate cupcakes loaded with fresh strawberry frosting?moist chocolate cupcakes - 123WeddingCards
  13. Paint your vanilla wedding cake floral in garden theme having accents of gold, white and pink. Add the flavors of Nutella Buttercream.vanilla wedding cake floral theme - 123WeddingCards
  14. Delicious vanilla cupcakes can set the mood right and make everyone super happy at your wedding.Delicious vanilla cupcakes - 123WeddingCards
  15. Beauty at its best. We mean just look at this yummy moist vanilla cake loaded with Nutella Buttercream.vanilla cake loaded with nutella Buttercream - 123WeddingCards
  16. A vanilla cake topped with caramel drip, fresh raspberry puree, buttercream, fresh berries and pigs is all you need to soothe the taste buds.vanilla cake topped with caramel drip - 123WeddingCards
  17. Chocolate cake is everyone’s favourite and it becomes yummier when stuffed with Nutella Buttercream. Cuteness intensified with floral gold drips and shades of carnations.floral gold drips wedding cake - 123WeddingCards
  18. You would be obsessed with the taste of this amazing melted ice cream cake with cute dinosaur sprinkles on it.amazing melted ice cream cake - 123WeddingCards
  19. They are our personal favorite! Savoury Vanilla and red velvet cake with sweet pink, rose and gold hues. Inside the core lies white chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries.Savoury Vanilla and red velvet cake - 123WeddingCards
  20. White choc mud cupcakes are so yummy that they will make you forget any other wedding cookies or confectioneries with their taste.White choc mud cupcakes - 123WeddingCards

These beautiful and yummy wedding cakes were collected from the Facebook page of ‘Oh how sweet’. They have seriously done an amazing job in making these cuties.

You can follow them for more wedding cake inspiration.


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