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Unique Trendy LGBT Pride Wedding Ideas

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When you are all set to shout aloud – “Love is in the air” with a grandeur wedding celebration, why not make it impeccable by infusing LGBT pride wedding ideas? After all, your long struggle has fetched your much-awaited dream of getting married to your gay/lesbian partner legally. While LGBT weddings are no different from other weddings,
It calls for an exemplary nuptial celebration to make your wedding as vibrant as your love with these unique LGBT pride wedding ideas:

Dip-dyed dresses

Dip-dyed dresses For LGBT Pride Wedding
Dip-dyed dresses For LGBT Pride Wedding

Add a tinge of fun by choosing a code of dip-dyed dresses for your guests at your LGBT wedding. While the couple should be dressed in vibrant rainbow colors to make the difference from their guest list, the guests should be dressed up in dip-dyed dresses to create an Instagram-worthy picture.

Cake with hidden colors

To add a twist to your elegant wedding celebration, you can choose a cake with hidden colors. This rainbow cake will come with pastel frosting to appear as an elegant wedding cake. Once cut, the unwinding of hidden colors will add a spark to your wedding celebrations.

Circular seating pattern For LGBT Pride Wedding

Circular seating pattern For LGBT Pride Wedding
Circular seating pattern

While seating in a row or a straight line is anticipated, a circular or semi-circular seating arrangement is fascinating and attention-grabbing. Bring some twists to your wedding ceremony by tweaking the evident seating styles to exclusive patterns and formations.

Funky invite

Raise the spirits of your celebration by choosing funky wedding invitations. You can pick an invite matching your wedding theme or maybe totally ‘off’ your wedding style. From colorful designs to hilarious texts, there are many options to choose from.

Rainbow color theme For LGBT Pride Wedding

Rainbow color theme

Infuse the beautiful rainbow colors to your LGBT wedding to make it an outstanding affair. The best way to infuse LGBT pride into your ceremony without getting overboard. Chosen Flag color along with bouquet, floral décor, and runners can add a mesmerizing touch. Get your cake baked on the same theme to keep up the fun. This pride décor will b remembered by your guests for years to come.

Bold and bright wedding flowers

Let the bride enter with a bunch of brightly overwhelmed floral bouquets overpowering her pastel wedding attire. Choose a bouquet with a mix of several flowers to appear as vibrant as your wedding vows are.

Two Bouquets

The powerful ideas that make your lesbian wedding a high-rated affair – Two Brides, Two bouquets. As we know, two is always better than one, then why not implant this noble thought in your lesbian wedding too.

Cute Photo station For LGBT Pride Wedding

While funky photo station is a regular norm, go subtle with your choice by adding a subtle floral theme. As it is the time to create memories, make the most with a cute photo station posing with each other. Exchange your rings and kiss with sparkling rain to treasure the most memorable moments of your life impeccably.

Same-sex flatware

It is one of the perfect same-sex wedding ideas to choose the monogrammed flatware for your dessert table. Cutleries embedded with the wedding vows or romantic slangs will amuse your guests to the core.

LGBT Pride Wedding cake toppers

LGBT cake toppers

When the cake is in line with your wedding theme, why not the cake topper? These minute details will add soul to your wedding celebrations and add the most personal touches. You do not wish to focus on gender. Choosing the garden airing, typography, or maybe pairing robots is good to go.


While coordinating the theme is always in for a bride-groom wedding, taking the trend ahead by choosing the same accessories is an impressive idea. From Hanker chief to broaches and bouquets, show off your solidarity by wearing the same accessory designs.

Pride Shoes

Often neglected, but showing off your pride by the way of shoes is all about taking your celebrations to next level. Choose a pair of sneakers with rainbow soles to make your wedding celebrations vibrant. Do not forget to pose for a photo in an inverse feet position to add color fiesta to your photoshoot.

Unique Wedding Attire

Unique Wedding Attire

All the eyes on your wedding will be keen to unveil the mesmerizing wedding attire of the couple. Surprising them with a non-traditional choice will be discreet fun. From an unconventional wedding to an eccentric wedding dress, your celebration will be all about going against the winds. From cowboy attire to colorful shirts for summer weddings, there are plenty of options to choose from.

An Exciting guest book

A thumbprint guestbook is a right way to mark the attendance of all the invitees to your wedding celebration. Besides being a wonderful keepsake for your D-day, it will be treasured for the ultimate fun of choosing a color matching the personality of your guests and leaving their thumb marks on your guest book to complete a tree.

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