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All the Pre wedding Parties You Need to Know

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These are the wedding-related events you should be preparing your calendar for, from engagement celebrations to rehearsal dinners to engagement parties.

A truly exciting aspect of the engagement phase is the amount of wedding-related parties which will be held in your honor. From engagement parties to reception dinners, you’ll have to make a list of your plans in the coming months and get a new set of clothes because you’ll be the center of attention for these parties. Want to know more about these wedding-related parties? Take a look at this guide to all the parties that will be held before getting ready for the big wedding.

Engagement Party (The Pre Wedding Parties)

All the Pre-wedding Parties You Need to Know

What exactly is an engagement celebration?

As the name implies, an engagement party is a celebration to mark your engagement. This is among the very first wedding parties that are that is held to honor a couple.

What is it that I require one?

Your family and friends will be so thrilled about the wedding that they’ll want to wait until the day of your wedding day to be a part of the celebration. An engagement celebration can also be a means to officially “announce” your impending marriage to your family members. There is no need for an engagement celebration, but most couples do. According to the most recent WeddingWire research, only 26 percent of engaged couples are hosting an engagement celebration.

Who hosts, and who is the guest at an Pre Wedding Parties reception?

In general, an engagement party is usually hosted at the expense of the family- yours or your spouse’s. Family members or friends could host this wedding-related party. There are occasions when couples throw two engagement parties, one thrown by both sides. The events for engagements are typically not massive (though your guest lists could quickly grow!). It is best to limit your guests to family and friends. Be aware that any person invited to your wedding reception will likely be invited to the main party.

When will an engagement celebration take place?

This type of pre-wedding event typically occurs around three months following the wedding. Invitations must be sent out at least one month before the wedding.

What is the location where it’s typically being held?

The wedding reception could be held in various locations, but it’s most typically hosted at the host’s home. The event can also occur in a popular bar, restaurant and lounge or a unique location, such as an old home or a park.

Couple’s or Bridal Shower

What’s a bridal shower? What’s a couple’s bridal shower?

The norm is that bridal showers are an all-female event to pay tribute to the bride. The guests are treated to a meal and, in most cases, games. The bride opens her gifts for the shower before everyone. Today many are choosing to have couple’s showers where the bride and groom are greeted similarly by guests of all ages.

What is it that I require one?

The pre-wedding celebration can be a wonderful opportunity to get together with a smaller group of your loved ones before you start planning the wedding day. It turns out that 75 % of wedding couples will have an anniversary or bridal shower in honor of them.

Who is the host, and who’s the guest at a couple’s wedding shower?

The shower is usually held by the members of the wedding guests (the bridesmaids of honor and bridesmaids when it’s a bridal shower); however, it could be hosted by friends, parents, or family members. There are occasions when there may be multiple showers that different family members host. The bridal shower usually has only female guests, but nowadays, the shower guest list can consist of any close friend or relative.

When will it happen?

A shower is usually held between two weeks, between three and six months before the wedding. It usually happens during the day, either at lunch or breakfast.

What is the location where it’s typically where?

The wedding pre-wedding events are typically held in the host’s home or at smaller venues, such as a restaurant or a historic home.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

What’s a bachelorette party? What is a bachelorette?

A night of celebration or a weekend getaway where the bride or groom gathers with their respective members of the wedding celebration. Bachelor and bachelorette events are generally wild evenings out; however, nowadays, they are more a reflection of the persona of the guest of honor and style. They are anything from spa trips and cooking classes to outdoor excursions and dancing and bar hopping. It is among the most popular pre-wedding events, and most couples have bachelor and bachelorette parties.

What is it that I require one?

The bachelor and bachelorette party is often viewed as the bride’s or groom’s “last chance” to let loose before the wedding. This is an ideal opportunity to spend time with your friends and escape the anxiety of wedding planning.

What’s the host and whom’s guests?

The wedding party hosts the bachelor and bachelorette celebrations and bachelor parties, respectively. The maid of honor and best man usually lead the preparations. The list of invitees typically includes bridesmaids, groomsmen, the other members of the wedding party, and any other close friends or relatives of a similar age to those who are married. It’s a given that everyone invited to the bachelorette or bachelorette party must be invited to attend the wedding.

When will it happen?

Most often, it is one month or so before the wedding. It could be on the course of a weekend, or even one night, if time permits.

The place where it is normally being held?

Although bachelor and bachelorette events are typically hosted in the bride or groom’s home city or hometown, these days, most of these pre-wedding events also include excursions to locations close or far. The choice is based on the wedding’s plans and budget, as well as the bride’s or groom-to-be’s preferences.

Bridesmaid Luncheon

What exactly is a bridal shower luncheon?

The wedding party’s pre-wedding reception is a private gathering for the bridal party members.

Do I require one?

Based on your location, bridesmaid luncheons may or might not be common. They are a great method of thanking the bridesmaids who helped in the planning of the wedding, as well as a venue where the bride can give gifts to her bridesmaids and guests. It’s also an opportunity to have dinner in a relaxed location before the excitement of the wedding day.

Who is the host, and who is invited to the bridesmaids’ luncheon?

The bride typically hosts this wedding-related party before the wedding. She invites all the bridesmaids, along with those who are flower girls, the mothers of the groom and bride and possibly any close female relatives that may not be in the bridal celebration.

When will the luncheon for bridesmaids be held?

The wedding luncheon of the bridesmaids is generally scheduled for the day before the wedding ceremony, once all the members of the bridal group are present, as well as before the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal. If all bridesmaids resided near the bride, the event could happen earlier.

Where is the typical bridesmaids’ luncheon being held?

Because it’s usually an intimate event, the bridesmaids’ luncheon is generally held at a local restaurant in the same town or city as the wedding location.

Rehearsal Dinner

What is a Pre Wedding Parties Rehearsal meal?

The name implies it; this is the name suggests. It’s a pre-wedding event that is held right after an engagement ceremony. It could be a private gathering with just family members, and also a wedding celebration, or an even larger celebration for all guests on the list. It’s typically a more relaxed celebration than the actual wedding when speeches are often given to honor the couple. According to a WeddingWire survey, most couples will have an evening of rehearsal before the big event.

Do I require one?

It’s considerate to serve your guests a meal in the evening before your wedding. It’s a nice opportunity for guests to get together, mingle, and mix before the big day. It’s also a chance to invite close family members or friends to deliver speeches that aren’t time for at the reception.

Who is the host or host of the event?

The groom’s family hosts this celebration in the case of a couple who are not typically related. Nowadays, both families and the couple can organize this wedding party. A guestlist could be a bit tricky. Depending on your budget, you could invite only immediate family members, the wedding party, their spouses, or even dates. A few couples invite their closest family members, friends, and guests from outside the area. Some couples choose to invite all guests! You could also have the meal with immediate family members and your wedding reception and invite the other guests for drinks following dinner or dessert.

When will the Pre Wedding Parties Rehearsal dinner occur?

After the rehearsal for your wedding, you should have a short time (if you’re planning to have one). It’s the night before your wedding ceremony.

Where is the typical rehearsal dinner where?

Rehearsal dinners tend to be held in a private setting in a restaurant. However, dinners with big guest lists can organize their events in a traditional wedding location such as a hotel ballroom, park or outdoor venue.


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