Groom Wedding Accessories

The List of the Most Amazing Groom Accessories: Get a Gentleman Wedding Outfit

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The List of the Most Amazing Groom Accessories

Having perfect groom accessories is a way to have the ultimate wedding day with perfect looks. You will find plenty of posts that will talk about bridal accessories, bridal look, and everything related to bridal, such as wedding dress, jeweler, nail art, makeup, hair, etc.

Amidst all, we often overlook the one person who holds equal importance as a bride. And that one person is a groom.

There is not much to do with the groom’s looks, but with little extra effort and focus, a groom can get a charming look with the help of groom accessories.

Let us make the activity of finalizing groom accessories, a little more interesting. First, get all the basics things ready at your disposals, such as a dress, shoes, socks, ties, and cuff links. Now it times the time to assemble all the accessories that will complete the wedding outfit of a groom.

Let’s begin curating the groom’s accessories for his big day. In this blog post, you will help grooms personalized their looks with some groom accessories.

Read the complete post and discover the accessories your groom never knew he needed.

Cuff-Links Groom Accessories

Cuff-Links Groom Accessories

One of the prime groom accessories is cull-links. Often underrated but a highly main accessory, the cufflinks can pull together the wedding outfit, and gives it a perfect finishing touch. Though it is a small groom accessory, yet it can pack a punch. 

The cufflinks are available in different styles, and designs vary from a classic set of gold to novelty pair of contemporary designs that perfectly draw a line to your personality.

You can also go for a personalized cufflink having your initials and wedding dates imposed. For something regal, you can get eternity knot cufflinks by David Donahue that comes in silver hardware.


The simplest of all but very crucial part of wedding accessories, the neckties complete a groom’s wedding outfit looks. There are n numbers of neckties available in the market. You have to be cautious while selecting the right one.

Make sure you wear a tie that fits your personality and wedding theme. On the day you tie a knot, it should be exceptional, and it will get special when you select the right tie as a part of your wedding accessories. 

The selection of the right tie is not about being matchy-matchy but about finding the right tone and patterns which acquainted with the ceremony.

Buy a tie in advance and see if your partner loves it or if the one matches with her ideas. It is not always necessary to wear anything in solid colors; you can opt for patterned tied, tie with shades, or something new.

Pro Tips to Wear Neckties Like a Pro

  • A black tie with a black suit is a winner. It is unparalleled.
  • Silver or a grey-colored necktie will be an option.
  • Get a wool or knitted necktie for casual weddings. Also, try a silk necktie.
  • Store your neckties properly so that they would not get wrinkled.

Tie Bars Groom Accessories

Tie Bars Groom Accessories
sterling silver tie bar engraved with hidden message on the back

Wearing a tie at your wedding is cool & adorning it with tie bars or tie clips will be way cool. Neckties with a perfect set of tie bars bring cohesion, class, and regality to your overall wedding outfit. 

Include tie bars as an essential part of your wedding accessories. It will not only hold your tie and prevent it from falling but also elevate your groom’s looks.

Pro Tips to Choose a Tie Bar

  • Choose a tie bar in metal material with gold or silver tone. 
  • Try to match the tie bar with other groom accessories like buckle, watch, cufflinks, etc.
  • A tie bar should be 70 to 80% length of the neck-ties width.
  • Position the tie bar between the 3rd and 4th buttons of your shirt.
  • You can also position it at the same height as your chest jacket pocket.
  • The size of a tie bar should be proportionate to a necktie.

Bow Ties as Wedding Groom Accessories

Bow Ties as Groom Accessories

One of the best ways to give a unique look to your wedding outfit is to wear a bow tie. It is a less common choice for wedding accessories, which make them more desirable.

The right choice of bow tie sets you apart from the crowd. Bow ties are fun, and one does not have to worry about their matching patterns. It uniquely elevates the look of a wedding outfit and maintains cohesion.

There are also some situations where wearing a bow tie is mandatory. One affair is when you wear a pleated shirt. 

Another situation is when you wear a tuxedo. Although there are many other options that you can consider with a tux, if you wear a bowtie, it means that the event is formal and may even have a dress code. 

A black-tie means a black bow tie is required. If you do forgo tradition & wear a tie with your tuxedo, choose a solid-colored black silk tie.

Pro Tips to Select The Right Bow Tie

  • A bow tie works best with casual weddings. The natural the wedding is, the more creative you can become with your bowtie.
  • Wear a bow tie that suits best with your personality. Choose the color, style, and design that elevate the wedding outfit.
  • Wooden bow ties also make a perfect choice for groom accessories. 
  • Make sure the end of the bow tie does not pass your ears.
  • There is a pre-tied bow and a self-tied bow. Choose wisely.

Wedding Accessories for the Indian Grooms

Indian weddings are lurid. The wedding outfit of the grooms in the Indian wedding is quite different from the reset of the world. It is more opulent, regal, classic, and kingly. Following are the groom accessories for the Indian wedding:

Indian Groom Outfits

  • Double stole anarkali sherwani
  • Jacket jazz with kurta
  • Black and white classy Indo-western
  • Mughal-era inspired anarkali kurta
  • The evergreen kurta pajama
  • Princely jodhpurs suite
  • Chipkan kurta from the Mughal era
  • Popular & evergreen sherwani
  • Simplistic & charming dhoti kurta
  • Bandh gala (closed neck) suite
  • Achkan kurta
  • Angarkha kurta

India Groom Accessories

  • Safa
  • Kalgi
  • Safa Chain
  • Feather
  • Sehra
  • Multi Chain
  • Stole/Dupatta/Shawl
  • Brooch
  • Necklace
  • Pocket Square
  • Kamarbandh or Waistbelt
  • Sword
  • Juttis
  • Watch
  • Engagement Ring


Groom accessories should never be handle as an afterthought. The looks of a groom are as prime as of a bride. We hope that our post will help you finalize the groom’s accessories and bring a unique charm to your wedding outfit.

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