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My best Mate’s wedding –Oops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can’t believe I am writing this but…Aah…I know you are pondering about the word “Oops……but it’s not a story about Humpty Dumpty. It’s my best mate Mark Spencer’s Wedding …I mean Dream wedding with lot of booze, fun and extraordinary invitation card from 123WeddingCards.

Mark a childhood friend, a bright student, a mate to bank upon in my endeavors, drunken ones mostly as I remember. I being his Best Man for the wedding can’t stop my emotions flying high for this exclusive incident “a contingency” ….He embarked upon something which associates to something which no one has seen for centuries a “legal” one of course. I know my exclamation marks keep you guessing what next to follow.

God will be startled too, such thrilling events which one cherishes for eternity, but Mark, I mean mark my words not the character here……… a wedding unforgettable.

Ohhhh….I forget about his better-half, “Rebecca “can’t say the best-half as it’s me.


I know ……… romance is truly alive and well, and dwells in the heart of every young man and woman who fantasizes about being swept into the sunset by her own knight in shining armor.

Let’s talk about the wedding, the wedding was announced a day before Christmas, at The Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London.

“It’s like a dream”- said Mark and Rebecca as it is one of the most beautiful and enthralling place on earth…I assume the same  for taking your wedding vow with someone who is close to your heart and want to spend your old days with him or her . I knew somewhere in corner of my heart Rebecca and mark are made for each other and it’s going to be a sensuous moment in their life.

The stylish dressing sense of Rebecca astonished me thinking, “OMG”- she is as beautiful as she wore a white lace gown. It consists of two pieces, and she substitute the ivory under dress for a lavender bridesmaid dress. I loved it. Mark wore his Father’s wedding suit, an obvious choice I guess for him. All the musical selections were folk songs and pre-recorded regional songs. The wedding couple walked down the aisle to “I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star” and “Live and Die” favorite numbers of bride …….Rebeccaaaaaaaaaa.

The after party a royal treat, splendid, which held in the evening, following the reception. We served Low Country Boil and enjoyed the musical evening performed by me and a close friend of Rebecca. They play silly cover songs on accordion and guitar were amusing and breathtaking. My particular favorite was their cover of “Treat Your Mama Right,” which they did in honor of my friend Mark’s love for all things.

Here comes the oooww…Moment, breathtaking one, when Mark lifted Rebecca, his angel in his arms and kissed her lips gently and saying “I LOVE YOU”.  Sometimes an ordinary looking nuptial turns into a fairy-tale which such exemplary moments.

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