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Top Blend of Indian Wedding Invitations Trends & Themes!!

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Indian Wedding Invitations trends & themes: 123WeddingCardsAre you a bride-to-be or Groom? It’s time for celebrations and you can make your wedding party a biggest and best party that you’ll love forever. Mix of some unique Indian thoughts injects much fun into the big day. Your wedding theme with ethnic touch of favors, Indian wedding invitations transform your wedding from traditional boring one to super cool party event for you and your guests.

And when we are talking about NRI wedding then, they are always worried about their wedding day, because they always stuck between traditions + streamline. Don’t worry!! We have 7 Indian Wedding Invitations trends & themes that will not only urge you to be the best, but also imitate your personality.

Rainbow Wedding Theme

Usually, Wedding invitations with rainbow wedding theme is created for fall wedding or summer weddings. With an extra touch of natural beauty that adds, some instant freshens in decor gives you a perfect fall wedding theme.

This combination of rainbow wedding theme with the shade of unique wedding invitations presents glimpse of Indian traditions.

Royal Celebrity Wedding Theme

Royal celebrity wedding theme: 123WeddingCards

This theme is completely dedicated to Royal Celebs wedding style. Your guests would have fancy thoughts about your wedding hall decorations, because you mentioned about Royal celebrity theme in your Indian wedding cards.

Photo Booth for your Indian Wedding

Photo booth wedding theme: 123WeddingCards

If you want some fresh and unique ideas- with some extra topping of fun – in an inexpensive way – then an extraordinary idea is here- Photo Booths!!

And to give an idea about your wedding theme, to your guests, choose these Modern wedding invitations that notify about your wedding theme!! Set a photo booth station that helps to take perfect and some different pictures!!

Orchids Inventively Theme

Orchid wedding theme: 123WeddingCards

Orchids are too fancy and perfect bridge among style and elegance combined with a dose of sophistication. Use of floral curtain, transport decor, hair adornments, wedding favors, unique wedding invitations, food decor makes this wedding theme unique.

As you show your orchids wedding theme at your wedding venue through different decorations or props, but it’s mandatory to reflect your wedding theme with modern wedding invitations that should be printed in orchid style.

Back to Indian Roots

Back to indian root theme: 123WeddingCards

Go back to some traditional!!It is great to have some traditional inspiration behind your décor that can be a unique wedding theme. Here you can present a touch of 90’s Inspired Wedding Ideas in your fall wedding or add some props- the parrots add beautiful desi vibe- Temporary Tattoo Favors or some DIY works best presents your traditional wedding.

To present your traditional wedding theme in style get printed some fine vintage wedding invitations. Use of Neon shades electrify your wedding theme- the brighter the superior!!

Awards Night Theme

Awards night theme: 123WeddingCards

Spread a glam sangeet and lavish wedding & reception, this is wedding extravaganza at its best top on an “Awards Night” Theme! Where family members and guest dance at latest songs and at the end of function they have awarded with some fun ways.

Use Manson jar Rustic Wedding Invitations as they reveal the feel of award night theme based unique wedding invitations.


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