Cocktails and Mocktails Ideas

Make this Wedding Season Sparkling with These Best Cocktails and Mocktail Ideas

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Make this Wedding Season Sparkling with These Best Cocktails and Mocktail Ideas

Weddings are all about fun. While the elaborated Party invitations and extensive food menu make any wedding perfect, considering some exclusive cocktails and mocktails ideas can take your wedding to the next level. 

Are you looking for some new ways to enjoy your favorite drinks during the cold month? Well, here are some great cocktail recipes that will surely warm you up.

With these cocktails and mocktails ideas, get cozy by the fire and make your wedding memorable. 

Classic Margarita (Cocktails and Mocktails)

This vibrant drink is a must-have to appease your guests with flavors. This sweet-tart nuisance comes with lovely cranberry color to match the wedding vibes. To make it perfect, add some fresh rosemary and cranberry. This recipe was invented in 1930 and counted among the iconic cocktails in the world. Cocktails and mocktails ideas.



100% Cranberry Juice

Maple Syrup

Fresh Lime Juice


Christmas Punch

Christmas Punch (Cocktails and Mocktails)

This punch is perfect for having some drinks at the party but still keeping it light and refreshing, made with cranberry, orange, vodka, and pineapple juice. To make this tart, you can use unsweetened 100% cranberry juice. To balance its flavors, you can add 1/4 cup of simple sweet syrup. The hint of citrus with oranges makes it a drink worth exploring this season. 


Fresh Cranberries

Apple Cider 

Ginger Ale

Sparkling Wine

Fresh Cranberry Juice


Brandy or Dark Rum

Lot of Ice

Pear and Rose Punch (Cocktails and Mocktails)

This delicious drink with a rugged fruity taste and a hint of sweetness. This drink is perfect for parties. Redcurrants add a nice color to the punch. Treating your guests with this stunning concoction of rose, pear, and apple juices makes them feel special.


2 cups red wine (red or white)

1 cup pear juice, ¼ cup sugar

½ cup water

3-4 fresh mint leaves

4-5 fresh rose petals

One teaspoon cinnamon

¼ cup lemon juice

1/3 cup grenadine syrup.

Clementine Mock Mojito

Clementine Mock Mojito (Cocktails and Mocktails)

Clementines are delicious fruits that make great drinks. They have a sweet taste, and you can enjoy them without alcohol. You can also use them to make other tasty drinks. This non-alcoholic beverage is very refreshing. 


1/2 tsp demerara sugar

Few drops of orange blossom water

A handful of mint leaves

One clementine


One lemon wedge

Top up with sparkling water 

Cinnamon Bourbon Fizz (Cocktails and Mocktails)

It is a tempting cocktail and mocktail idea made with homemade cinnamon honey syrup, bitters, lemon, warming bourbon, and bubbly water. The addition of extra sweet Aperol makes this drink extra delicious. 


1/2 ounce (1 tablespoon) lemon juice

1/2 cup honey

1-2 ounces cinnamon syrup 

1 ounce (2 tablespoons) Aperol

One sprig of fresh rosemary

1 1/2 ounces (3 tablespoons) bourbon

1-2 dashes of rosemary or orange bitters 

Two cinnamon sticks

Topping with sparkling water

Spiced Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

Spiced Gingerbread Hot Chocolate (Cocktails and Mocktails)

This hot chocolate is perfect if you’re looking for an alternative to mulled wine. It has gingerbread spices added to the milk, which gives it a wonderful aroma.




ground ginger

Star anise

Pinch of mixed spices

Coarsely chopped dark chocolate

Cocoa Powder

orange-flavored liqueur

Cocoa Powder

Whipped Cream


Take a large saucepan and combine milk, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate, star anise, and mixed spice. Keep the saucepan on slow heat and occasionally stir till the chocolate melts. Now add liqueur and stir to combine. Take-down in the glasses and top it with whipped cream and cocoa powder dust.

Hot Cocoa Martini:

This delicious martini is perfect for keeping warm on a cold evening. It features hot cocoa mix, vodka, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.


1 oz Hot Cocoa Mix

1 oz Vodka

1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream


In a shaker with cracked ice, combine all ingredients. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Apple Cider Mojito

Made with apple cider, rum, lime juice, and mint leaves, it’s perfect for warming up on a cold day.

To make this cocktail, you’ll need: 

6 ounces apple cider 

1 and 1/2 ounces light rum 

1/2 ounce lime juice

Poinsettia (Cocktails and Mocktails)


It is an exotic cranberry champagne cocktail that is excellent for a vibrant wedding. It is an ideal fall cocktail from cozy vibes to brilliant colors. The best part is that it comes with a simple recipe with minimal ingredients.



Cointreau (or other orange liqueur) 

Cranberry Juice

Add some whole cranberries and rosemary branches to enhance their appealing looks. 

When planning your wedding, don’t forget to consider cocktails and mocktail ideas! Whether you’re serving alcohol or opting for mocktails, these recipes are sure to please your guests.

For alcoholic cocktails, a simple rum and Coke or whiskey and ginger ale will do the trick. If you’re looking for something a bit more festive, try a cranberry margarita or a pumpkin spice martini.

If you’re looking for cocktails or mocktails to serve at your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites that are sure to please your guests. 

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