Are you got engaged? Here are 10 things you can wait to do

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Wedding planning involves endless things, and when you have got the time to plan everything peacefully and properly then what’s the harm? Soon after your engagement, the world seems to be full of love and affection, but we suggest you go crazy and enjoy the time till you tie the knot with your loved one.

Are you got engaged Here Are 10 Things You Can Wait to Do
So, we bring you the list of 10 things you can wait to do soon after your engagement.

1. Plan your honeymoon

Planning for honeymoon
Planning for honeymoon

a lot of couples seem to fly as soon as they get married, but it’s ok if you need time to plan your trip carefully.

2. An ultimate special wedding party-

An ultimate wedding party

for all the loved once, you can plan a special wedding party. When the world goes around, people seem to show love and gesture to the couple and that’s the time you can take ooze on your guest to invite at the special wedding party.

3. Get ample time for yourself-

We would always suggest you plan your travel wisely and get all your pending work and then fly to the ultimate destination for your trip without taking the baggage of stress and tension.

4. Decide your dress

Choose your wedding dress

with enough time of research and social media gazing, now that’s the time you should start selecting your dress and get it stitched.  We recommend you to take a seven to eight month of time for the shopping and fittings.

Decide your wedding dress
Decide your wedding dress

5. Select your bridesmaids

Who will be your bridesmaid

there is obviously some drama always popping out, and that’s the time you must have filtered your bridesmaids to walk along the aisle.

Which will be your bridesmaids

6. Details are must-

Choose vendors and make an appointment with them

with ample time left, fix your appointment with the caterer, cake baker, etc for every bigger decision needs to be deal with care and concern.

7. Cross-checking is the key-

looking for the best wedding planner or photographer or bakery is easy but to cross-check their presence or taste is the goal.

Choose the best wedding planner or photographer for your wedding

8. Select your bridesmaid’s dresses-

Select your bridesmaid's dresses

All we would suggest you to final the look and dresses for your bridesmaid’s just after you found your wedding dress, to get it likely in the theme and color of your venue and planning process.

9. You’ll be legally married after-

Get ready for signing your marriage license

Take your wedding to an upper level by signing for your marriage license, with all the bank accounts, and updated tax forms.

10.   The Wedding Guest

Wedding Guests dancing in a wedding

Take your guest to the roller coaster of edible sweets. Pre-book them for better but don’t get them delivered until the dates are closed.

Wedding Guests Enjoying in a wedding

Start your planning and the entire celebration, down to morning till later wedding party. But before it, don’t forget to plan everything in a systematic order from going with your budget to booking the venue location, because everything takes time.

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