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6 Countries With Different Wedding Traditions but, All Equally Amazing!!

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According to you what is a perfect wedding planning? Well, you would definitely tell everything based on the wedding traditions in your country but, do you know that there are a lot of other countries in the world with complete variation in their rituals, ceremony, and tradition and planning of the wedding. All the details regarding wedding ceremonies in different countries are quite interesting and it is even more interesting to know them. Check the wedding planning of different countries.

Wedding Traditions In Different Countries - 123WeddingCards

US Weddings

Wedding Traditions In US - 123WeddingCards

The American wedding styles generally go beyond all the general customary sayings and it very easy to predict the ceremony style with the cost of wedding invitations. The latest rage in wedding tradition of USA boldly mentions the concept of destination weddings. This wedding style is quite wonderful as the couple could immediately go on a honeymoon. If you are planning to get married in the USA, you would find a whole long list of locations but, the most popular locations are Tree house Point in Issaquah, Washington, Bear Flag Farm in Winters, California, Huron Substation in Los Angeles, California and The Ice House in Phoenix, Arizona.

UK Weddings

Wedding Traditions in UK- 123WeddingCards

The wedding traditions of UK are no other than US wedding styles as they both the equally whimsical and glamorous but, few things are simply awesome about UK weddings. The first thing includes the pink champagne ceremonies, it is one of the most popular event planners in the UK and this kind of wedding includes the beautiful light pink shade of champagne. The wedding dress for UK wedding in the pink champagne ceremony are not white shade, they do have a light pink hue in it. The latest wedding traditions of UK involves the use of red color in bridal makeup especially for nails and lips. With red color in makeup, the otherwise simple wedding dress look simply stunning.

Australian Weddings

Wedding Traditions in Australia -123WeddingCards

The ancient wedding styles and traditions of Australian weddings do not differ from the contemporary ceremonies. The indigenous Australian considers smoke as a powerful thing to cleanse and heal hence, plants are burnt and fragrant smoke is fanned on the couple. One more ancient wedding tradition of Australia dates back to the time when early settlers came to the country. According to this ceremony, the couple used to cast stones into the river as a promise of staying together forever. One more interesting wedding ceremony of Australia is known as something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. Each thing in this custom has its meaning.

Canadian Wedding

All the weddings in Canada are real fun and the wedding style of this country is a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. First of all, a trousseau tea party is held by the bride’s mother for all those people who are not invited to the wedding then, comes another fun wedding tradition of Canada where unmarried siblings of the couple dance while wearing silly socks. People around them throw money at them which is considered the gift for the couple. This is known as the sock dance.

Canadian Wedding Traditions- 123WeddingCards

In another interesting wedding tradition of Canadian wedding, the bride dances around the floor with the wedding guest who fills her shoes with money. Wearing all white by the bride is yet another tradition of Canadian weddings. Last but not the least, the wedding wheel is a fun wedding style for Canadian wedding which helps the couple to meet the cost of wedding invitations, planning and other expenses. It is popularly known as the wedding wheel where guests line up and pay one dollar each to dance with the bride and groom.

South African Wedding

South African Wedding Traditions- 123WeddingCards

When it comes to the South African wedding, the most important things to consider are official legalities and cost of wedding invitations. When it comes to legalities, you should definitely check the category under which your marriage falls. The country allows same-sex marriage and different cultural wedding, so you should check your legal formalities beforehand then, comes the cost of wedding invitations in this country. The cost of the wedding invitation may be high as customized wedding invites are popular in this right nowadays. For the cost-cutting, one can choose designer wedding invitations online. The most interesting tradition for South African wedding style is jumping the broom, which is carried out by various couples together. Although, this is not a commonly used tradition but, it really interesting to see couples jumping over decoratively adorned brooms. When it comes to South Africa specific wedding tradition, the Reed Dance festival takes the first place where every year, the polygamist Zulu king chooses his next bride from a group of Zulu virgin girls.

UAE Wedding

UAE Wedding Traditions- 123WeddingCards

When it comes to expensive wedding styles, no other place can beat UAE. The wedding in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are considered as the most expensive and grand. The wedding celebration takes place for more than a week and the family members of both the groom and bride take part equally. The whole celebration is really whimsical and the wedding here are generally big budget weddings. The most important wedding celebration includes the Henna Night, in which only bride and her close friends and relatives are invited. Everyone keeps dancing and singing before enjoying the lovely and delicious meal.

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