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The outbreak of pandemic has hit our lifestyles in many ways including our ways of celebrations. Weddings are considered a plush awareness to throw large wedding dinners are now limited to a selective guest list. Regions heading towards lock-down, and unlock, planning a wedding ceremony is not as smooth as it was before the pandemic.
Most of the people who are planning their wedding in 2022 are looking for top wedding trends predictions. Here goes the wedding trends prediction for 2022:

Intimate weddings

Yes! Shrink your guest list to your nearest family and friends as an intimate wedding is the new normal. The safety reasons and the government restrictions on the gatherings make to choose intimate weddings as the safest bets.
Couples are overwhelmingly seeking micro weddings to maintain the social distancing norms for the pandemic. This trend is likely to be a wedding trend prediction for 2022!

Non-traditional wedding outfits

Formal wedding gowns were once considered the main attire for ceremonies, but modern brides love to play around with their looks and pick stylish dresses to make their D-day special. The idea is to surprise your guests with some unconventional choices. So why not begin with your wedding attire?

Backyard weddings

Your backyard can easily accommodate the limited guests to make it a perfect venue for your wedding. As safety is a top-most priority, what could be better than organizing your wedding celebration in the safest place on this earth – your home? Every time you will visit your backyard, you will feel nostalgic about your wedding rituals. Isn’t it amazing?

Invite digitally

While the massive wedding celebrations are replaced by microformats, even modern wedding invitations turned digital. The traditional concept of paper invites is put back with modern digitalized invitations that are easy and economical.
With an emphasis on comfortable natural resources, the advent of technology has made paperless wedding invitations popular.

Hometown weddings

Destination weddings were highly trending before the pandemic broke in. But the travel plans have been significantly hampered due to corona leading to couples choose their in-bound wedding as a preferred site for wedding celebrations.
Domestic destinations and even homes are considered the safest venue for wedding trends in 2022.

Minimalistic styles

Wedding Trends Prediction - Minimalistic style

Not the contact list for weddings is squash also the ostentatious weddings are no more ‘in’ amidst pandemic wedding celebrations. With the focus on zero-waste weddings, couples pick out creative yet minimalistic wedding styles counting pragmatic signage and sleek modern décor.

Focus on organic styles

With the outbreak of a pandemic, the human has understood the love and connection with mother nature and returning to its lap again. The showbiz of urban lifestyle is more an attractive proposition for the couples. Against larger-than-life wedding setups, couples are choosing the organic style of wedding. Hanging floral centerpieces & vines growing the walls are specifically in for the wedding trends prediction for 2022.

Vintage weddings

When you think of high-back peacock chairs, or lanterns hanging at high ceilings. What does it remind you of? Yes! You might have seen these trends in your childhood. But they are back in trend post-pandemic. As the guest list has been minimal to a few people, the couple is appreciating personalized elements to their wedding for their selective invites.  

Wedding websites

It is an unconvincing popular trend where the wedding documentation is tender by creating their website. Send personalized invites to your guests and encapsulate the entire wedding. Several wedding themes and tools are available on these websites to manage your registry.
Advanced planning tools with some wedding websites to account for all your wedding activities, which you can access via social media handles in the future.

DIY wedding décor

DIY wedding décor

DIY décor ideas are the best way to add a personalized touch to your wedding. As your celebration is going to be intimate, it deserves something special for your esteemed list of guests that will be a part of your special moments. From wedding invitation to décor, adding a personalized touch with your DIY skill is impressive,
Hand-drawn wedding drawings, personalized guests cards on the tables, stationery. You can play around with to showcase your clean DIY skills & impress the guests with a memorable personalized experience.

Virtual Celebrations

Amidst lockdown, virtual celebrations have taken a new leap where guests join your wedding vows virtually to witness your great union. As safety is the biggest concern in this pandemic, people are hesitant in joining the ceremonies like wedding affairs. From virtual wedding invitations to virtual weddings, a pandemic has made us more reliant on technology.

Hence virtual weddings are the best way to witness the union of two souls without compromising your safety. This wedding trend is ruling 2021 and will be a top wedding trends prediction for 2022 as well.

As we have listed the top wedding trends predictions for 2022, the most interesting part about these wedding styles is their affordability. All these trends have one thing in common – they are likely to be in your budget.

Are you all set to adopt the latest wedding trends prediction for 2022?

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