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Unveiling Mystery behind Scroll Wedding Invitations

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Are you are perplexed while selecting your marriage card???…..No more baffled look. Many types of marriage invitation cards are available in market with different styles and designs to choose from. But give your search an end by selecting something which is royal, majestic, regal and even Unique – Peep into the majestic world of Scroll wedding cards.

I know you must be pondering about Scroll invitations, keep your seat belt on as we are here to unveil the mystery behind Scroll wedding invitation cards.

wedding invitations

It all started in medieval period when emperor’s and queen’s summoned priest to announce the wedding of their son or daughter to the whole kingdom and their distant relatives.  Any grand celebration starts with planning the first step in grand way and selecting or designing a marriage invitation is the first and foremost step in planning a marriage ceremony. These scroll wedding invitations are also known as “Farman” and they symbolize a classic style of invitation for every occasion.

Scroll wedding cards

From several centuries, scroll invitations have been a symbol of majestic and grace. Now it is a trend to invite your guests and relatives by scrolls. These latest scroll wedding cards can be customized as per your need and requirement to suit your big day. This means that you can select scroll invitations for any type of wedding such as Sikh, Muslim or Hindu irrespective of caste and creed. Scroll wedding cards are meant for people of all religions and communities giving a unique look to your special day. Wedding celebration needs a distinctive feature and no other than your scroll invitation cards will give it the same trait.

So now if you have decided to go for scroll invitation cards then you must keep a few things in mind before purchase the invitations. First of all, you must check the quality of paper or cloth that is used for making these cards. Scroll cards are available in different colors to choose from which suits your taste and requirements as per the marriage theme.

Scroll wedding invitations

We at 123WeddingCards offer attractive colors, unmatched finish and distinctive texture in Scroll invitation cards. Our cards have become signature of various bridal ceremonies across the world, giving a redefined look by matching your marriage theme. Invitations are made from imported papers and handcrafted as per the theme of the bridal ceremony. The best way to complement your wedding mode is inviting your guests and relatives with something exclusive and eternal as our Scroll invitations, available in multicolored designs and expressive wordings.


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