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Different Types of Wedding Planners and What They Do

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Types of wedding planners

Are you having a wedding to plan in the near future? Is the thought of wedding planning making you nervous? Off-course it must have been. In this post, we are here with the list of different types of wedding planners and the types of wedding planning they do.

Wedding planning involves multiple huge and small tasks that make a wedding successful, memorable, and worth remembering.

To help out the couples in this dilemma, there come different kinds of wedding planners. These wedding planners are the pinnacle of their domains. A proficient wedding planner is someone, who can take care of everything ranges from wedding invitation cards to wedding flowers, and from wedding decoration to musical orchestra, you just name it and a wedding planner will take care of the same effectively.

If you are stuck somewhere in your wedding planning process, then do read this entire post, and you might get the answer to your query.

Different Types of Wedding Planners and the Wedding Planning

Full-Service Wedding Planner

These types of wedding planners are also known as an all-inclusive wedding planner and are the best choice for couples who want step-by-step guidance and professional opinion to plan their nuptial day. The full-service wedding planners are also the best option for those who do not have much time for proper planning for a wedding.

In a report Wedding Wire stats that nearly around 31% of couples hire these types of wedding planning doers.

Hourly Wedding Planning Professionals

Such kinds of wedding planners are perfect for those who have one or two issues to take care of, such as the selection of the right band, a suitable wedding location, or wedding cards’ designs.

The hourly-based wedding planning service provider charges between $50 to $200 per hour.

An hour’s wedding planner gives the inside track on all aspects of a wedding whether it’s financial, decoration, cuisine, venue, etc.

Destination Wedding Planning Services

Destination wedding planning services

Whether you want a top-notch wedding experience in Europe or an extravagant wedding in Hawaii, a destination planner will make your every imagination true.

The destination planners are similar to that of the full wedding planning service providers.

The wedding pros are experienced in suggesting you the perfect location, venue, and also the destination-based vendors. They can also help your guests with their travel and accommodations, scout you through cultural differences, draft proper and flawless trip itineraries, and many other exciting tasks.

Month-Of Wedding Planning Service Provider

Are you among those couples who are want to do most of the wedding planning of their own, then you should go for a month-of wedding planner?

In a study by WeddingWire, it was found that more than 16% of couples select this type of wedding planner. You can start working on your wedding planning’s with your month-of wedding planner about 4 or 5 weeks prior to your nuptial day, and they will excellently handle all last-minute tasks and other miscellaneous work such as making vendor payments, streamlining deliveries of flowers, décor, food, etc, and many other tasks.

Day-of Wedding Planning Services

If you too busy to look after each detail for your special day, then the Day-of wedding planner will be the right choice for you.  This kind of wedding planning service will ensure that everything runs smoothly, properly, cost-effective, and most importantly on time.

These types of wedding planners charge around $900 USD and more for the wedding day. You should set the contract and terms in advance so that there will be no glitches and misconceptions for the wedding day.

These wedding professionals touch the basics with wedding suppliers and ensure that all of the details are in order.

The major works of these wedding planners include directing vendors to their proper places, taking care of decoration, ensure clients that everything is running smoothly and on-time.

Wedding Weekend Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator

The wedding coordinator is the perfect amalgamation of a day-of and a month-of wedding planner. These types of wedding planning services are the perfect choice for you if you have a wedding with multiple days of festivities with a huge number of gatherings.

The weekend wedding coordinator will ensure that everything runs smoothly. The ratio of couples to opt for this type of wedding planning service is very less.

The major work of the weekend wedding planner includes mostly the non-wedding activities such as rehearsal dinner, after-brunch preparations, etc.

Referrals-Only Wedding Planning Service Providers

This is a perfect choice for all the couples to-be, who are seeking help with finding proper and suitable suppliers, locations, etc.

This type of wedding planning services mostly includes the recommendation of vendors. Once couples finalize everything and determine the style and budget of the wedding, they can go to referrals-only wedding planning service providers for the perfect vendor recommendation.

Wedding Designer or Wedding Stylist

Wedding decorator

The event designers are also a vital part of every wedding planning. Be it a small micro wedding or a huge wedding gala, a proficient designer with his or her imagination can bring perfection into reality.

The wedding designers are quite different from other planners. The other wedding planners where handle works such as logistics, timelines, and other vendors, the wedding designer mostly take care of your floor plan and the overall wedding aesthetics.

A good wedding designer always listens to his or her client’s ideas and connects with the logistical parameters of your wedding by viewing the space and working within your budget.

Venue Coordinator for Wedding Planning

The person who works in-house for a wedding venue is known as a venue coordinator. There are different kinds of wedding venues, such as hotels, resorts, etc. and each wedding venue has its full-time in-house venue coordinator.

The venue coordinator works for the venue, and coordinate with every aspect surrounding the venue and streamline the services manage on-site.

If you have booked any other services which are not related to the venue then the venue coordinator might not able to help you in that situation.

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