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Trending Wedding Invitations That Will Make You Wow!

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Finally, after ten long months, things seem to be on track once again. Ever since Govt. norms are getting lenient, the global economies and lives of people are getting back on track. In all this time, the wedding industry has been one of the most affected domains. But finally, now everything seems normal and the wedding season is back. We are here with the list of trending wedding invitations that will make you wow.

The list of trending wedding invitations includes not-seen-before styles, formats, accents, and artistry. Wedding card designers are all set to hone their designing skills to craft the most amazing and customize wedding cards that will trend for the years to come. 

From Indian wedding cards, scroll wedding cards, laser cut invitations, foil stamp invitations to thematic wedding invitations, holiday invitation cards, and engagement invites, you will get details on all the trending wedding invitations.

Don’t skip the blog. You might miss something that can be a trendsetter for your nuptial. Let us start with the hottest wedding invitation trends in 2021.

Sustainabilitysustainable wedding cards

Everyone wants their wedding invitation to stay secured and safe until the day of the wedding. Here come sustainable wedding cards into the picture. People these days prefer such wedding invitations that they can recycle. Wedding cards with plantable seeds are in rage and fall on the top of our list of trending wedding invitations.

Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Do you want your wedding invitation cards to stand above others? If yes, then using acrylic wedding cards would be the best choice for you. These invitations are the opposite of sustainability, but they would bring a charm and fascinates wedding guests to the next level. These types of wedding invitations suit perfectly with modern wedding themes.

Vellum Paper Invitation Cards

If you are looking for something modern but ethnic, the vellum paper invitation cards would be the perfect choice for you. The vellum brings modern and soft vibes to your wedding stationery package. 

These types of wedding invitations, if paired practically with embellishments such as metallic ink, elegant wax seals, and bohemian greenery, would set a gorgeous tone to your wedding cards. Pick this option of trending wedding invitations, and thanks us later. Wink!

Foil Printingfoil wedding invitation cards

There is a regal option for the sophisticated couple who are looking for something royal in their wedding invitations. You can opt for the gold foil trend. This trend has been in the rage for the last few years, and it will continue to rise shortly as well.

The gorgeous appeal of the golden foil seems pure luxurious and enhances the design of any wedding invitation. Go for this trending wedding invitation and add a hint of glamour to even the royal wedding theme.


It is gratifying a personal touch to your wedding stationery. And a monogram-based wedding invite will be the perfect choice if you are also looking for the same. It not only adds a personal touch but also adds simplicity and classiness to your wedding invitations. is one of the best monogram wedding card dealers where you can choose an excess of options.

Metallics and Glitters

They say history repeats itself. The metallic designs are also making their way back to the wedding trends. Listed in our list of trending wedding invitations, the metallic and glitter nuptial cards will equip your wedding stationery at a level of sophistication and richness. 

There are multiple options available. We suggest you choose the rose gold color that is currently trending. For something glittery, you can pick classic laser-cut invitations. It would be gorgeous.

Minimalismminimalistic wedding designs

In the present time, people are more inclined towards minimalism. The less lurid design and more conceptualize wedding cards are the more preferred choice among the people.

The magic of less artwork and white space is ethereal. The minimalism of this kind is quite exciting for couples in 2021. There are plenty of minimalistic wedding designs available in the market you can explore here.

You can go for a soft color palette, simple lettering, and fuss-free details. All these elements will make your wedding invitations stand apart from other kinds of invites.

Wax Seal Decoration

Something vintage, something royal, and something from the Victorian era, that’s how the wax seal decorated cards, can be described. These types of wedding invites have been in the trend for quite some time, and these are still in vogue among to-be wedded couples.

Incorporate these trending wedding invitations in your nuptial as it suits your big day tone in multiple ways. You can wax the outer envelope or wax them on the invitation suite itself. Can incorporate the wax design tie around the invitation suits. There are infinite options. You can get them on an Indian Wedding Card.

Trending Wedding Invitations Color Combinations

Colors play a vital role in deciding the tone and theme of a wedding. In 2021, couples are inclining more towards warm and romantic floral colors. Colors tell a lot about a wedding, whether it will be a traditional one or a contemporary nuptial.

You can use minimal green and white along with warm-hued palettes such as orange, mauve, and dusty rose.

Some other trending color combinations that will rule 2021 as follows: super-bright, bold stationery palettes, and peach hues. Pair them with a minimalistic design and bring some fun out of the trending wedding invitations.

Mixed PatternsWedding Invitations

In 2021, you will also see a rise in the trend of mixed pattern wedding invites. The couples are taking this bold decision in taking the wedding invitation experience to the next level. The mix of multiple patterns with complementary style make these indeed trending wedding invitations.

The mixed pattern wedding invitation trend is a perfect combination of maximalist and eddy and effectively sets its roosts. The extra-ordinary mix and match patterns with embellishments will bring an exciting outlook.

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There is another whole range of trending wedding invitations that you can get and explore on the platform. The following the most important trending wedding invitation range:

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Some other categories include shop-by-color wedding invites, traditional invites, south Indian wedding cards, Christian wedding cards, and many more.

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