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Trending Celestial Wedding Ideas That Will Spellbound You & Your Guests

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Milky way, our beloved galaxy, and in it, we have numerous stars, planets, and so many heavenly bodies that make our cosmos beautiful. In the present epoch, the wedding industry is absorbed celestial elements into the wedding theme. Celestial wedding ideas have been shining bright, with innumerable brides picking for this magical emblem on their big day

Elements such as astronomy, stars, sky, meteors, planets, moon, etc., set a perfect out-of-the-world aura on the wedding day. The celestial wedding ideas have become a mainstay for modern couples.

In this blog post, we will help you with how you can get inspiration from the cosmos to get married. Before discussing the celestial wedding ideas, let’s understand the celestial-theme wedding?

What is Celestial Themed Wedding?

Etymology speaking, the word Celestial means anything related to outer space, such as planets, astronomy, zodiacs, etc. The wedding, which has all these external space elements, is called a celestial-themed wedding. Such a wedding theme is a little moody, whimsical, and boho in nature.

To complement your wedding theme with celestial objects, you can use color combos like navy blues, greens, shades of purples, etc. Also include color palettes like metallic silver, gold, bronze, which sign celestial lights and attach maximum sparkle & shimmer.

Starry Table Décor

Starry Table Décor

Table decoration is something that will elevate the wedding experience for the guests. Drench the tables according to the celestial theme. Set up a round table with a star chart. You can get velum menus, black cutlery, and billow silk linens that will blend perfectly with the starry tables.

Celestial Wedding Invitation Suite

Celestial Wedding Invitation Suite

Stars, glitter, and sparkles, all the elements make the perfect wedding invitations. Although, there is a subtle way to carry out the celestial wedding theme via your wedding stationery.

You can always go for the navy blue invitation. It will be a perfect choice to pull off a galactic-inspired theme in a manner. Complement the card with zodiac sketches, whimsical calligraphy, and eye-pleasing watercolor paper.

Gold Flecked Table Runner

This idea could be a celestial idea for your wedding day. The gold-flecked table will be a sweetheart table at the wedding reception. Decked with impactful decorations, this kind of table will enhance the celestial wedding theme. Drape your table with a deep indigo gold-flecked tulle runner over guests’ special seats. Complete the look with shimmering clusters of stars & candles around the bottom.

Dress With Star Details

Dress With Star Details for Celestial Wedding Ideas

A bride can have a star-stud wedding dress with a celestial wedding theme. You can complement the dress with beaded embroidery and adorn it with a tiara that will give a perfect magical touch.

Groom can have a star stud broach to be worn with a blazer. Wear a white American diamond broach on a black suit. It will be amazing.

Rhinestone Wedding High Heels

Another way to give wins to your celestial wedding theme wedding is by embracing the rhinestone wedding high heels. The glittering shoes will mimic the starry night sky.

You can choose the shoes of your type, be it heels or flats or sneakers with rhinestone or glittery elements that will look as playful.

Constellation Inspired Seating Arrangement Chart

Constellation Inspired Seating Arrangement Chart

To take the celestial wedding theme to another level also you can choose a constellation-inspired seating arrangement chart. That will make your wedding guests attracted to the enchanted piece.

Use extension of the aesthetic design. The constellation-inspired seating chart helps guests to sit at their respective assigned tables. Those are different constellations appearing in the night sky. 

To make it more appealing, you can use the colors such as dark blue, silver, and gold. All these color palettes will set the tone for the starry soiree.

Celestial Wedding Invitation Suites

When everything is going perfectly as the trending celestial wedding ideas, how will it remain if we include wedding invitations? Wedding cards are an essential part of every wedding.

To match the celestial theme of the wedding, you can curate the entire range of wedding invitations based on a Celestial theme. From save the date cards to wedding invitations and the RSVP cards, your celestial wedding invite choice will offer a hint to your wedding guests of the wedding day.

The entire suite of celestial wedding invitations, boasted with watercolor cloud paintings constellation drawings, along with the rich blue & metallic color palette, will set the tone of your wedding invites.

Evening Sky Menus

The beautifully designed sky blue wedding invites are another option to consider making celestial weddings successful also prepare the menu cards with acrylic material. Consider these menu cards for your wedding or reception. The dark blue color will be perfect against the intricately written gold calligraphy.

Constellation Table Names

Another way to give wings to your celestial wedding ideas is by choosing the table names as per the names of the constellations in the sky. 

You can name your tables as per the constellation rather than just giving the table a number simply. To elevate the table experience, you can place a picture of that particular constellation – frames if possible – on the table.

Constellation chose after the brainstorming, or you can also randomly select the titles of the zodiac without overthinking anything.

Moon Topper for Wedding Cake

Let’s bring something innovative to your wedding cake. Cutting a three, or four-tire cake is a normal thing that every couple does. Also when it comes to celestial wedding theme ideas and it takes something special. 

To have a cake that matches the celestial wedding theme, you can go for a moon topper. It is a perfect choice for those couples who want something more low-key. The metallic moon cake topper will be a simple yet impactful choice that will tie your celestial wedding idea theme together without any problem.

Moon Phase Macarons

Moon Phase Macarons

Try to include the elements of the universe in your food. Having celestial theme food will be a perfect choice. Having macarons in the shape of a moon will be the cleverest and sweetest thing to do.

The macrons are served in the different phases of moons and are the perfect thing that goes perfectly with the celestial wedding ideas.

You can display the set of macarons by placing one in each setting. Or, you can pop each piece in the navy blue color of pouches that will make perfect celestial wedding favors.

Some Celestial Wedding Ideas that Make Your Wedding Out of the World

  • Intergalactic photo backdrop
  • Detailed dishes with the constellation details
  • Moon phases shaped seating assignments
  • Sun and moon seating arrangements
  • Solar pumps with gold embroidered moon & shooting stars
  • Galactic chocolate gems
  • The modern marbled three-tiered cake
  • Stared stationery with blue-water color & bronze envelopes
  • Dessert table sign with the space-theme dessert table
  • Embroidered veil

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