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Tips to use Technology to help plan your wedding

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We cannot avoid the technology in today’s world as it is walking in every aspect of life to create things which were impossible in the past. To plan your wedding in a tech way can be more interesting and joyful because these technology did not exist a generation ago, so make more use of it to create elegant memories. Come let’s have a look on these Techno ways

Technology to help plan your wedding

Measure the Heart beat rate on the Big Day

I am sure your heart rate skyrocket at this big occasion sometimes when you are excited to Kiss the bride sometimes when you are nervous taking oath. You can now wear a wristband to monitor your heart rate during your big day have fun telling your friends and guests.

 Selfie sticks for memory-production


A couple selfie sticks (perhaps worked by your geek companions enrolled) will catch exceptional minutes. Wedding picture takers will make astonishing pictures, yet you will be amazed by the pictures your companions will catch in the tallness of their energy and celebrating.

 Live-Stream Your Wedding


Have a nearby relative or companion who can’t make it to your big day since they live far away, are too sick to go to, or essentially can’t manage the cost of it? Facebook Live is another, intelligent approach to live-stream your wedding so they can at present offer in your bliss. They can watch the whole service, first move, and cake-cutting as they unfurl, or view the footage at a later time, since it’ll be put away for all time on your Facebook page.

Design your Own Wedding Invitations Online

Design and order your wedding invitations online. Place the order and talk to the support team to personalize as you want to make wedding invitation look beautiful in your own way.

 Offer Charging Stations

Solace and pleasure implies reckoning what your visitors will need (and want) during your occasion. An electrical extension and a pleasantly arranged and designed table can turn into a charging station. Make it lovely and inviting. Add surrounded suggestions to urge your visitors to take pictures, blog, and even live-post online networking.

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