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Things You Can Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite

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Are you wondering what you should include in your wedding invitation suite? The answer to this question is quite interesting as it includes a myriad of properties that completes the wedding invitation suite.

One of the most prime parts of wedding preparation is a selection of suitable wedding invitations. Wedding cards come in different colors and designs, but what if we say that there is a way through which you can elevate the wedding card experience.

The way is to have a complete wedding invitation suite

What is a Wedding Invitation Suite?

wedding invitation suite
Wedding Invitations Suite – 123WeddingCards

All the tag cards that you sent along with the wedding invitation come under the wedding invitation suite. Each property in the wedding invitation suits has its importance and holds different information such as directions, accommodation details, important dates, etc.

What Piece of Cards did You Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite?

You are thinking about what exactly you need to pair with your invites. The first thing that you need to take care of is to determine your needs first. There are many things on which you can ponder such as, the number of guests, a timeline of the wedding day, and your budget.

So let us move ahead and get creative with colors and designs for wedding stationery. Let’s get a complete package of the wedding invitation suite and establish a thread of consistency in each piece of paper.

Here is a complete checklist of all the items for your day:

Save The Date Cards

Save The Date Cards – 123WeddingCards

In a complete wedding invitation suite, the save the date cards come first. You will send out these cards to your guests in the first place to let them know of your forthcoming nuptials.

Save the date cards are typically the double-sided postcard where on the one side there is the announcement of your wedding and on the other side, all the details like date, month, and maybe venue.

As time evolves, the couples are also getting more creative, and they are interested in personalizing their save the date cards. There are many options available like illustrations of one, couple photos, or any other motifs that represent the couple’s love.

The Perfect Time to Order & Send Save the Date Cards

Make sure you order save the date cards 12 months before the date of your nuptial. It advisable for couples to send the save the date cards to their guests 5 to months before the date of an actual wedding. It will allow your wedding guests to keep their schedule free for your special day.

Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is a centerpiece of a wedding invitation suite. This part of the wedding invitation suite is something that flaunts the tone and theme of your wedding.

Multiple pieces of a wedding invitation include an outer envelope. Unsealed inner envelope, the main invitation card, a reception card, and a response card with a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

There are many online wedding invitation dealers. You can connect with them and get the invitation of your choice.

Traditionally you can go for a cotton or linen paper wedding invitation, which is engraved with black and charcoal ink. Modern couples are steering their imagination and using their wedding invite in different & fun sizes, colors, and textures.

One of the best choices of modern and unique wedding invitations is an unsealed inner envelope. Get many more wedding invitations in contemporary design and complete your wedding invitation suite.

The Perfect Time to Order & Send The Wedding Invitations

The best time to send out your wedding cards to your friends and family is 3 to 4 months before the wedding date. Order online wedding cards sooner, and you will get enough time to proofread and make changes accordingly.

RSVP Cards

RSVP Cards
RSVP Card – 123WeddingCards

The wedding RSVP cards are the one that helps you recognize which of your wedding guests will be able to make to your wedding day and which not. 

List as an essential part of the wedding invitation suite. These cards are sent with invitation cards along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

Traditionally the RSVP cards are meant to know the number of guests that are going to attend your wedding day. It will be helpful to you at the time when you will give a headcount to your venue owner or caterer.

Present time, the RSVP has evolved, and now people also send the details of a menu with RSVP cards so that guests can find the delicacies they wish to savor. It will help the caterer to prepare veg and non-veg dishes as per the headcounts.

The Perfect Time to Order RSVP Cards

You can order your wedding RSVP card at the same time when you order your wedding invitation because both the pieces of the wedding invitation suite go simultaneously.

Reception Cards

In the present epoch, couples have started sending out the reception cards as well. Therefore, we have included it here in our list of wedding invitation suites. Evident to its name, the reception cards will inform your guests about the details of the wedding reception such as venue, time, date, etc.

Traditionally the reception cards are the small invite that will let you invite your guests to join you and your families for the celebration.

In modern times the choice of couples has dynamically changed, and reception invitation cards are ordered in fun fonts and style.

The Perfect Time to Order Reception Cards

The time when you will send your wedding invitation, at that time only you can also send the reception card.

Wedding Programs

These are the new types of cards that are couples are ordering and including in their wedding suite invitation. The wedding program cards offer the complete details of all the information about your wedding.

Traditionally, these cards are the bearer of the couple’s name along with their joint initials on the front cover.

You can showcase your wedding programs either in the form of a small booklet, a card, or any other format.

These cards include details of the ceremony like date, venue, menu, and all the details you think you should convey to your wedding guests.

The couples can also give thanks to the prime people in their life in the program card and make them feel special.

In modern times, couples are looking for a more simple option, such as a single piece of heavy-stock paper. There are many other options available such as a program card with a section of poetry, a short story, etc.

The Perfect Time to Order Wedding Program Card for Wedding Invitation Suite

If your wedding program card is a simple single card, then it is better to order it at least six weeks before the wedding date, and if it is a multi-page booklet kind of invite, it is advisable to order them along with the invitation card.

Menu Cards for Wedding Invitation Suite

In the present time, the menu cards are getting momentum, and it also fascinates wedding guests as they could know what delicacies will be served to them on the wedding day.

The traditional form of menu cards majorly includes attributes like a meal, beverages, etc. These cards used to come in heavy cotton stock in a rectangular shape.

For modern couples, menu cards are a perfect way to let your wedding guests a personalized wedding menu. 

The Perfect Time to Order Menu Cards

Order your favorite designed menu cards at least six weeks before the wedding day.

Some Other Kinds of Pieces That You Can Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite Are as Follow:

  • Directional wedding invites
  • Invitation wrappers
  • Accommodations cards
  • Weekend events cards
  • Inner envelope
  • Postage
  • Mailing envelope
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