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Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas To Turn Your Home Into Haunted House

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It’s the time for Trick or Treats! The time of Halloween is here, the spookiest and the most intriguing time of the year when every one of us, get dressed up as our favorite characters.

Every year, Halloween comes, every year we ponder on decorating our house and give it a distinct look so that children and adults would love it. Disguise on Halloween is as important as online wedding invitations for marriage.

Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas To Turn Home Into Haunted House

If you are also looking for the best ideas to decorate your home for Halloween 2019, then you have arrived at the right place. People celebrating Halloween often get scared when it comes to Halloween decoration.

If you are also worried about how much time will it take for Halloween decor, or how to decorate your home and on which theme, then have no fear. We have assembled the most unique and intriguing Halloween decoration ideas which will impress your Hallow guests just like the online wedding invitations.

These Halloween decor ideas are easy to implement and won’t take much time off your candy budget.

Following are the major things consider before start working on Halloween ideas:

  • Look for the perfect place where you can implement your Halloween idea.
  • It could be any place, staircase, entry console tables, lampshades, etc.
  • Assemble your Hallow tools to give your home a festive look.
  • Start with your DIY Halloween decor ideas.

Halloween Twinkle Light Canvas

Just like online wedding invitations shimmer the wedding ceremonies, in the same way, you can brighten up the selected corner of your house on the dark night of Halloween.

Halloween Twinkle Light Canvas

Halloween Mantel

Creating a Halloween Mantel is not a costly deal; all you need to do is look around for old books in your house, some vintage accessories and some candles. To complete the look of the mantel you can Halloween specific accents such as stuffed owls or a skeleton.

Halloween Mantel

Freaky forest pudding cake

How about making your Halloween’s trick or treat more special? You can do it with the help of spooky forest pudding cake. This devilishly good dessert adds a cherry on the cake of your spooky extravaganza. You little devil will love this surprise.

Freaky forest pudding cake

Boo bottles for Halloween 2019

This is one of the most brilliant ways to give your home a spooky look on the dark night of Halloween. All you need is to remove all the labels and caps of bottles. Paint the bottle completely in white and then add different faces with the black market on it. Put some color straws to give the final look to this cheap Halloween decoration and make it a cute centerpiece.

Boo Halloween Bottles

Morgue Drawer Door

Give your guests a dare to come into your door this Halloween festival. The Morgue drawer door sends chills down to your ghostly guests’ spine.

To make this Halloween DIY, you need three pre-cut foam core with spray adhesive, black paper, stainless steel T-hinges, and a handle for morgue drawer door.

Giving your house door a custom look is as simple as giving a custom design to online wedding invitations, the only difference is that here your guests will get freak out.

morgue Decor Door

Skull family doormat Halloween ideas

When you are changing everything on this Halloween, why not change your doormat? This Halloween 2019, update your plain doormat with a freaky skull head Halloween doormat.

The major thing which is required for the skill doormat is the skull family design which you can download from the internet. Imprint the skulls and cut out the faces, eyes, noses, and mouths and arrange the faces on the doormat. You can also add a spooky message on the doormat to beware of your guests.

Skull family doormat Halloween ideas

Cobweb Coasters

Just like online wedding invitations give a gorgeous look to your marriage, in the same way, cobweb coasters add a spooky charm to your Halloween party.

Cups on the creepy spindly saucers give a creepy look. To make this spooky coaster you will require bobby pins of flat metal washer wrap the pin around and spray paint to give it a ghoulish look.

Cobweb Coasters

Console table for Halloween 2019

You can use the console table on Halloween to give it a spooky yet vintage feel. You can put this Halloween console table anywhere in your house, be it an entry hall, living room or in your dining room.
The black and white palette in the front along with the jewels on the black pumpkin behind will brighten up your space.

console table

Pumpkin face

Pumpkin and the pumpkin face items have been an integral part of Halloween for decades.

This is the most effective and authentic way to celebrate your Halloween 2019.

Pumpkin is one of the greatest decor ideas that you can select. Just like online wedding invitations are important for marriages, in the same way, pumpkins are crucial for pumpkins.

Pumpkin face

Wreath of Halloween Masks

A Halloween festival is always incomplete without the mask. We simply cannot imagine our Halloween decor ideas without the masks.

The wreath of the mask is one of the most appropriate ways to add spooky hot glue seasonal touch to your chilling decor.

wreath of halloween mask

You can explore the internet to collect colorful vintage paper marks. You might require approx 20 masks in total.

Attach these masks to a card-board background with the help of hot glue. Make sure, when you arrange the masks you put them overlapping one another.

Halloween tree for Halloween decor ideas

Online wedding invitations are essential for marriages, Christmas tree is essential for Christmas, in the same manner, we have a Halloween tree, that complete the festive look of Halloween.

Trees are not just reserved for the Christmas, you can also use them during Halloween by ornamenting it with spooky souvenirs and banners which complete your spooky night.


Freaky Terrarium

It’s time to give the woodland world a spooky twist on this Halloween. For that, you have started your search for twigs, moss, and rocks.

You can always polish your house with minimalistic Halloween-themed decorations such as skulls, scary birds and other items as a cheap Halloween decoration.

Freaky Terrarium

The wreath of spider

Spiders are among the creepiest creatures on the earth. Try to include these creepy creatures in your Halloween decor ideas, not literally but symbolically.

A single to the wreath of spider will send the chills down to your spines. To prepare this you require, tie pieces of white string, 12 small spokes, white burlap ribbon, and scissors.

Plastic snake wreath

Along with spiders, the snakes are another creepiest creature that is the symbol of spookiness.  Be it a biblical story or a Hindu mythology snakes are always considered the keepers of the devil.

What better than snakes to make your Halloween 2019 creepier. You can spook your neighbors and Hallow guest with this freaky snake laden wreath.

If you want to build it then you should require the collection of plastic snakes and a wreath form. Weave the largest snakes first in between the twigs. Do the same with the remaining snakes until all the snakes are used. If you want, you can use hot glue to uphold the wreath from falling.

snake wreath

Some other major Halloween 2019 ideas are as follows:

  • Vampire Napkin Rings
  • Creepy Wall Hangings
  • Ghostly Lanterns
  • Wicked Witch Candy Dish
  • Hanging Bats and Ghosts
  • Forever Pumpkins
  • Crafty Spider Sacks
  • Spider Garland
  • Candy Corn Garland
  • Mummified Seating Cards

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