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Getting Hitched! Save the date Soon!

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I can hear the wedding bells and I am sure so can you. Now that the wedding season will be soon starting and you will start your wedding planning too. I say start your planning with sending all your near and dear ones “Save The date” Cards.

Confused!!! What are “Save The date” Cards? Well we will go through it underneath in detail. The first and foremost thing in your mind is “What is the need of save the dates card?” I have complete ins and outs for this that they are the new trend of this century in the wedding world. 1) Your friends and family will appreciate the heads-up. 2) You are going to get first privilege of your guests who know other couples also who are getting hitched on the very same day. 3) It’s a great way to make your family and friends eager about the wedding and a good kick start to your wedding planning.

The next query you will surely have is “When and to whom we send these?” Basically a save the date card is sent to your loved ones as soon as the dates are fixed. They should be sent around 8-9 months before the wedding date. You send these cards to anyone you are sure of inviting and you want them beside you on your wedding day. These cards should be sent to the guests who live out of station so that they can work on their travel arrangements. Just remember that once you sent your guests a save the date cards you are obligated to send them your wedding card.

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Finally, “What do you put on the save the date cards?” These cards are usually an informal stationary so you should design them in fun and colorful manner. The most you need to write in these cards are the names of the couple, date of wedding and the city where wedding is going to take place. As it is not the official invitation you can write in your card “Invitation to follow” so that they know formal invitation will be on their doorstep soon. You can send your tech freak friends save the date cards on their mail even and for oldies you can always use telephone. Tring!! Tring!!

As you don’t decide your wedding themes that early, so you can send save the date card normally and tell all about your wedding theme in your wedding card. To make it more exciting you can send your save the date cards with another mailings too like Christmas cards or thanksgiving cards that ways your guest will be surprised to know about your wedding date and it makes this whole process more fun and frolic. A special tip, don’t ask for RSVP in these cards as these are not formal invitations and you can send your invitations 2-3 months prior the wedding so that you can make arrangements accordingly.

Now that you are totally acquainted with all the information you need to send save the date card, so gear up and send them soon because wedding bells can be heard!!

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