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Inviting children to weddings: Here all you need to know

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Wedding is the time when you can experience ecstasy at its pinnacle. There are so many things that require your attention. From the wedding dress to the wedding venue, and from the caterer to the selection of elegant wedding invitations, each and every part is crucial and put equal importance.

Kids invited in wedding

Amidst, many a time question or we must say, confusion occurs and it is whether to invite children to your wedding ceremony or not?

It is always tricky to send out the elegant wedding invitation to your guests by excluding the youngsters and simultaneously not offending your guests.

The topic of whether to invite children to the wedding has been one of the most controversial topics. Some say, children, add an extra charm to your wedding, while others believe that having children at weddings means the messing, the screaming and the ruining.

If you are a to be a wedded couple and do not know whether to invite kids to your wedding gala, then you have arrived at the right place.

This everlasting discussion can to the halt, read everything you need to know about having kids in your wedding ceremony.

Should children be invited to the wedding or not?

Having a wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience. You definitely do not want anyone to get offended even by the microscopic mistake.

The decision of inviting and not inviting kids to the wedding and reception is a huge responsibility. Although inviting a child to the wedding is entirely your personal decision. So, it is advisable to decide wisely.

Before you send your elegant wedding invitation, always concern with your family members that you include or not to include kids in your wedding.

Inviting children to weddings: Here all you need to know

Major advantages and disadvantages of inviting kids to the wedding

One major question while creating a guest list that floats in everyone’s mind is that: should we invite children?

Here’s one thing you need to get clear, by children we do not refer to your family kids including niece and nephew, rather we want to indicate to the kids of your guests.

In a wedding, you have to look after your wedding dress,  decoration and everything all together, amidst all, sometimes managing kids at wedding becomes a tricky task.

But that does not mean we should not include the little bundle of happiness in our life.

So here we have come up with all the possible pros and cons of having kids at your wedding. Read both the sides and then it’s up to you whether you want kids to cherish your wedding gala or not.

Pros of having kids at the wedding

It makes your guests feel gracious and warm kids often make the grace of weddings, sometimes they become flower girls while sometimes the ring bearer, in either case, they help you carry your wedding ceremonies smoothly.

If you invite children to be a part of your celebration, then the parent will appreciate your gesture.  It seems that many moms and dads, hire a baby sitter for their kids for the time they been to a wedding, this would help them to avoid the tension of hiring one.

On the plus side, you are allowing children to get some unforgettable memories of their life to watch your wedding ceremonies which they will remember for their lifetime.

In this way, by inviting kids in your marriage through your elegant wedding cards, you put a positive impression on parents and kids mind.

Pros of having kids in wedding

Spending time with kids

You want your wedding dress to be perfect, you want all your wedding ideas to be implemented in a perfect way, you want your wedding venue to be easily reachable, and when it comes to inviting kids to the wedding, you have to think twice.

Another benefit of having kids at a wedding is that you could spend some joyous time with little charms.

You could play games with them, have a little chit chat, and even though if you couldn’t play with them, you could have some gaming arrangement for them so that they play quietly there without messing up your wedding.

There are numerous cute, elegant gaming wedding ideas that could enhance the charm of your wedding.

You can give a special note of your elegant wedding invitation for children to come and the arrangement you make for them. This small gesture could impress your guests for sure.

Spending time with kids

Adding bounciness in weddings

Kids are adorable when it comes to playfulness. Their little things could spark the magic of happiness in the atmosphere.

Having kids in your wedding can create joyous moments. From the aesthetic of your wedding reception photographs to adding the little charm to your atmosphere kids always create wonder to your wedding ceremonies.

When you send out your elegant wedding invitation to your guests, ask a special note to bring kids to your wedding, you may get surprised by their little whimsy.

Adding bounciness in weddings

Disadvantages of having kids at weddings

Different and special arrangements

Before you send an elegant wedding invitation to your guests along with the kids’ invitation, we recommend you should double-check the list of activities.

As you can understand, things such as music, menu, songs or venue what may seem comforting for adults and many works for children.

Thus, keeping both at the same wedding celebration may lead to jeopardizing situation. We recommend you to consult someone who will see the menu, song choices and other factors to put an extra effort.

Well if you do not invite kids then you definitely do have to put that extra effort and pursue your wedding ceremony smoothly.

Different and special arrangements

Losing your guests

You want your wedding to be perfect and in order to do so, you often avoid inviting kids at your wedding ceremonies. Well, that’s where you do the major mistake.

It is often seen that people who are invited to a wedding without kids have to make special arrangements for their kids under 8 such as an arrangement of a baby sitter and so on.

So, instead of leaving kids alone with someone at home, parents preferred not to go to the wedding ceremony, which acquires your loss of guests.

Losing your guests

Less cooperation

One of the major issues when inviting kids to an invitation is the lack of cooperation. In a study, it has been found that this has been the major reason why people do not invite kids to the wedding.

Kids are kids and they do not leave their mischievousness. They always pose a threat to interrupt and mess your nuptial with their screams, cries or even laughter.

Having kids at your wedding means is that you have to prepare yourself to expect the unexpected, as they can be often disruptive.

Even if you are bound to invite kids at your wedding ceremony, then you can always make a special arrangement for them such as asking a parent to bring parents to the wedding reception but not to make them attend the wedding ceremonies, you can arrange spate room for kids with a baby sitter with lots of toys.

You can inform about the special arrangement for kids in your elegant wedding invitations.

Less cooperation


Kids and their behavior both are subjective. At one time they can be the real charm and add value to each wedding ceremony and on the other hand, they can be a pain the head and disruptive.

In the post above we have discussed both the positive and negative impact of inviting kids to weddings.

Now it up to you, how you want to proceed ahead with your wedding nuptials?

Whatever be your decision, never forget to mention about either case in your elegant wedding invitations.

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