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How to choose an Engagement Ring: Ideas and Inspiration by 123WeddingCards

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Planning to pop up the question to the ‘Special women’ in your life? You must have done all the preparations then? What, you still have to purchase an engagement ring and you think it’s pretty simple? You’re wrong and let us tell you, buying engagement rings is the toughest task as you have to pay attention to every minor detail of the ring. Scared? Don’t be; follow our 7 engagement ring ideas to get the best deal.

Engagement Rings

1. Trace her style

Instead of opting for ring shop together if you the intention to surprise her, you should find a ring that suits her taste. Keep an eye on her personal style and you would be able to find a ring that she’ll love. You can also take help of her close friends and siblings that know her too well.

Surprised Engagement

2. Metal matters

There are a variety of metals in the market to choose from when it comes to the band. Platinum is a good option to choose, it is durable and pure. Other than that, gold comes in a wide range of colours and carats. You can also go for palladium which is becoming a popular choice now.

Platinum Engagement Ring

3. Consider the four C’s

Definitely, it’s your engagement ring and it would have a solitaire in it for sure. Before making the final purchase, consider the four important C’s of the diamond. Cut, Colour, Clarity and carat are the four C’s that determine a diamond’s overall characteristics. Make no mistake in this and you are good to look for wedding ideas as she won’t refuse your proposal.

Engagement Ring Ideas

4. Shape and setting

The shape of the engagement rings defines the future of your love life. Quite literally! So, find the right shape and then choose the quality setting of the ring. Find a right metal framework in which you will mount your perfect diamond. The perfect engagement ring ideas are to get the perfect combo of setting and shape.


5. Fit the budget

When you plan your wedding, you find the perfect wedding ideas but, you consider the budget also. Likewise, when you check-in into any jewellery shop for purchasing your engagement ring, you should have a budget set in your mind. Tell the shopkeeper about your budget and requirements, so that he can find a perfect match for your choice. Never forget 123WeddingCards to find out your dream wedding invitations and budget-friendly wedding invitations.


6. The Size

Style traced, the metal chosen, perfect solitaire with right shape and setting found, budget considered now what? Well, what if you buy the ring and it doesn’t fit? Well, if perfect wedding tips can fail, the perfect engagement rings ideas can also fail. It would be the biggest blunder and your partner will surely laugh at you on this. Check out the size your partner’s ring finger and don’t become a laughing stalk.


7. Choose the reliable source

All set but, are you sure that the ring you purchased is the one? You never know if the ring you purchased is the authentic one or not. You have to be very sure about the ring and the solitaire so, choose a reliable jeweller and make sure that you get the authenticity certificate. Once you have it, you will have everything perfect.


Above all this, we know that you need good luck. So, wish you all the luck and May you get the girl!!

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