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Just as we design blueprints before working on the architecture of homes. Similarly, in the weddings many couples now design their own cards, they become downright obsessed with their wedding cards and clearly their printing press people need to go to the psychiatrist till the wedding comes to an end…

So, today I plan to discuss 10 important things wedding couples need to take care at the time of designing their wedding cards

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1. Give a lot of time to yourself

All the designing, wordings, assembling, printing, addressing and mailing your wedding cards will take a long time. Whatever time you have kept for designing, multiply it by three times. A good tip would be to send your wedding cards 6-8 weeks before wedding so that your guests have enough time to rsvp you and plan their visit on your special day. Two months’ time is a good amount of time to create your own designed cards.

2. Grammar Hammer!!

Get the grammar right. It’s a very essential part of your wedding cards. Like for an example, it’s “Two Thousand fourteen” and not “Two thousand and fourteen”. It’s pretty common mistake though many people don’t know about this.

3. Start with envelopes

Ya!! Look out for envelopes first because many at times we tend to design beautiful and interesting cards but then we don’t find a correct envelope of the same size and the color. This could be a big nightmare if the cards are already been printed. An idea of all the materials should be there before we go far into the process.

4. Work with dimensions

Dimensions should be exact and decided beforehand only, if an envelope is of size “5.25X8.25”, its best to make your wedding card of “5X8”, so that there is room to get your invitation in and out easily. You should check if your wedding card has a lot of parts, all of them should be able to be wiggle in and out of the envelope smoothly.

123WeddingCards, Wedding Cards

5. Wordings should be beautifully written

Most of the old generation believes that wedding cards should be informative but as it’s your special day why not the wordings of your invite should look pretty? So all that you want to write and with the minimum use of words make it look spectacular actually sound spectacular. A common example could be writing “Defense Colony” instead of “Def. Col.”. Pay special attention to your wordings so they sound like a melody to ears.

6. Print out drafts of your design

An invitation looks very different on a paper,in a proper color is very different from computer monitor. There could be smaller or bigger font in wordings than you intended. Seeing it on paper makes it easily readable and you can easily point out the tweaks in it.

7. Check, Re-check and check again

Sit with your family and proofread your invitations before giving everything in the print. Show your cards to people who have not seen your invitation ever, a fresh set of eyes are more likely to catch a mistake than us who has seen the cards million times. Read and re- read every single last word as mostly spell checks are not dependable when it comes to the proper nouns like the address and the names.

8. Get on a scale

When you get a copy of the accurate invitation, take your wedding card to the nearest post office and get it weighed to find out what will be your postage cost. So that you know what will be your postage cost. A small tip, square envelope cost more than a rectangular envelope cost.

123WeddingCards, Wedding Cards

9. Send the invitation to yourself before sending to other guests

It might sound funny to you but its good if you send invitation to yourself first than others because than you will not be worried that your card would reach to guests in one piece and won’t be tattered on the way. It will give you piece of mind that yes, it will arrive to your guests safely.

10. Finally!!…take a deep breath and send..

You have stressed over them enough, now just send them and wait for positive reviews.

I know the whole process is very overwhelming of designing your own cards. So get going!!…

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