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Our all time favourite wedding invitations – Best Selling Products at 123WeddingCards

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The location, theme, date, menu all play a very important role in defining your wedding style but above all, wedding invitation cards is the first thing that gives the hint of what the wedding would be like. For this reason, you really have to select a unique wedding invitation based on your wedding style. Here are our all time favorite wedding invitations list that will fit in all the style of wedding from classic and traditional to elegant, casual, relaxed, glam and modern.

Our Best Selling Products - 123WeddingCards

The beautiful blue color of this gorgeous wedding invitation makes it almost divine and perfect for any kind of wedding ceremony. Made from shimmer paper with silk screen printing, this card imparts a unique charm that leaves everyone spellbound.

Designer wedding card - D-8259E - 123WeddingCardsShop it Now here: D-8259E

Studded with elegance, this cheap wedding invitation is perfect for any kind of wedding. The designer pattern over red and ivory handmade cotton paper is entirely mesmerizing that make it ideal for Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Hindu wedding invitation- W-8234L- 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: W-8234L

Ephemeral charm of this blue beauty is simply irresistible. This amazing wedding invitation is made from shimmer paper with silk screen printing process. The designer patterns and elegant design makes it an ideal option for elegant and glamorous wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Invitation Designs - IN -1503 - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: IN-1503

Peacock themed wedding invitation cards are quite popular these days and this beautiful peacock themed card is something that you would fall in love with. The purple shimmer paper makes it even more beautiful and graceful.

Designer Peacock Wedding Invitation - D-8255G - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: D-8255G

Islamic weddings are epitome of a colors and glamour and that call for a wedding invitation that fits in perfectly. Designed by our skilled designers, this colorful and fascinating cheap wedding invitation is made from Matt paper in blue and off white color to grab all the attention.

Islamic wedding invitation- I-1699 - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: I-1699(Out of Stock)

One of our all time favorite wedding invitation is this beautiful ivory colored card made from shimmer paper. The pattern and design of this invite is so elegant that it makes you feel super awesome to have this for your wedding.

Muslim wedding cards - I-8230O - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: I-8230O

Green is the color of prosperity and harmony and incorporating this color in wedding invitation blesses you with you. Our artistic craftsmen have designed this sheer piece of beauty with shimmer paper and the charm will simply blow your mind.

Christian wedding invitations - C-8257F - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: C-8257F

Royal and elegant weddings call for a wedding invitation that is beyond this world and this beautiful scroll wedding card is the one that you are looking for. The blue handmade silk paper makes it even more heart throbbing.

Designer Blue Scroll Invitation - SC-5005F - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: SC-5005F

Elegant, graceful and fascinating are the only words that can define the charm of this gorgeous wedding invite. Beige color conferred on this scroll card makes it one of the most cherished invitations for a classy wedding ceremony.

Scroll wedding invitation- SC-5008C - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: SC-5008C

If you want to leave a sparkling impression on your wedding guests, all you need is this elegant card. The bright hue and stunning pattern makes it exuberantly glamorous and perfect for all type of wedding ceremonies.

Indian wedding invitation - IN-8235C - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: IN-8235C

This is one of the most cherished and unique wedding invitation of 123WeddingCards. Graceful color, Matt paper and silk screen printing process has made this so amazing that you can’t resist it at all. Moreover, the tassel acts as the cherry on the cake.

Gujarati wedding invitation - G-8229H - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: G-8229H

Embellished with Hindu icons and symbols, this red colored card is one of the cheapest wedding invitations of 123WeddingCards. The multicolored offset printing on Matt paper leaves everyone awestruck.

Hindu Wedding Cards - W-8254B - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: W-8254B

Studded with all the glamour, this peacock themed amazing wedding invitation is crafted with full dedication and passion by our expert designer team. Each detail and pattern on this multicolored card is so refined and elegant that you can’t take your eyes off this.

Peacock Theme Wedding Cards - D-1507 - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: D-1507(Out of Stock)

If you are planning to have a highly classy and elegant wedding, this card is meant only for you. The pink and orange hues of this invite are beautiful and graceful. By looking at this card, you can simply say “Simplicity at its best’.

Designer wedding invitation - D-1596 - 123WeddingCards

Shop it Now here: D-1596(Out of Stock)

Let’s have a look on all these best selling invites at:

Hope you find your favorite one’s here, If you still want to see more designs then choose from our 1000+ unique wedding invitations designs from our online store at 123WeddingCards.

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