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Have you always longed for your wedding invite to bear your special touch? Did you ogle at pricey invites and want something for your invites that set them apart? We are here to make that happen for you! We want to make sure that it is as memorable as it can be. To keep your wedding invites safe and sealed, we have something special in store for you. These easy to seal stamps are ideal to personalise your wedding invitations to another level altogether.

Designed with exotic florals and patterns, with supreme expertise, these little works of art enhance the quality of your invite multifold. The seals are sticky on one side which makes them easy to use, without any hassle or mess. Level up your game and customise the seals with your calligraphed initials! There’s nothing like reaching out to your invitees personally! If you have a theme wedding invite, you can even create a replica of the same on these cute little seals.

The easy pack and seal stick-ons are available on our website. You can place your order on or indicate your requirement in the ‘special comments' tab while placing your order for wedding invitations.

Happy wedding!

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