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11 creative bridal shower ideas she’ll be in love with

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Everything is gonna change for her forever and she should feel that the change is definitely awesome. We are indeed talking about the beautiful ladies who are about to get married. Before their marriage commences, it’s time to make them feel super special and it’s time to call for a small celebration in the form of the bridal shower. Check out our guide to bridal shower DIY ideas to have an incredible one.

Bridal Shower Ideas - 123WeddingCards

Themes to set the tone

Wedding themes are definitely crucial but, a fun theme for the bridal shower details is important too. Select a theme as per your personal taste and choice and let other things work around that.

Theme to set the tone

Cook the best

Since, bridal shower is ideally an all ladies celebration; you can set up a cooking bar for this. Let your guests try their hands on cooking and baking to make some of the yummiest recipe from their kitchens.

Cooking bar

Spice up marriage

Place a cute recipe box for marriage at your venue. Okay, let us elaborate. At times marriages become boring; to ascertain this does not happen in the case of the would-be-bride, ask your guests to jot down some words of wisdom for spicing things up in their marriage.

recipe box

Cocktail bar

Delicious sparkling refreshments are indeed one of the best bridal shower ideas. If your guests are interested in little bit of alcohol, you can have breezes and champagne otherwise, carafes of juice with creative snacks is all that you need.

Cocktail bar

Share the memories

We already mentioned that everything is going to change for the bride so, let her cherish all her childhood memories by having a video clip of all her pictures till date. Add some audio notes from her friends and family to let the emotions flow.

Share the memories

Date night idea

One of the best bridal shower DIY ideas is to place a mason jar filled with Popsicle sticks and markers at the reception with the display sign asking the guests to write an awesome date night idea.

Date night idea

Girls love chocolate

All girls have a sweet tooth, we can bet you on that. For this reason, you can have a bridal shower fun idea by setting a chocolate and candy bar in your bridal shower venue. Let the girls do the talking forever.

Chocolate and candy bar

Flowers are beautiful

Bridal shower details could be made magical by adding lots and lots of flowers in the venue. Centerpieces filled with lots of flowers and flowers as favors are something that every girl in your bridal shower would love.

Flower in the wedding venue

Snack time

No bridal shower fun could be real fun without tea and lots of food. Minimize the need to spicy dishes by adding tiny tarts, mini cookies, delicious sandwiches with tea and coffee for everyone to cherish.

Wedding snaks

Play the game

Adding Entertainment value is one of the perfect bridal shower ideas. Decide upon some good wedding  games and play them in the bridal shower for a good laughter together.

wedding game

Don’t forget the favors

Like wedding favors, bridal shower favors are important too. For this, you have multiple options to choose from. Lots of flowers, cups filled with candies or chocolate hampers could work the best for the girls.


That’s all from our guide to bridal shower DIY ideas. If you have some more amazing ideas, share them with us.

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