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 Wedding Cards

Download Fonts for Wedding Invitations

Wedding Fonts
Special stories are written using special letters. Here are some font styles - elegant and stylish. You can choose any one which suits your style. The best part is, if you don’t like any of these, you can choose your own font style.
STEPS : (for printing your card in your own regional language).
  • Click on your language font style number to download the zip file and install the .ttf (font) file on your computer (in C:\Windows\fonts folder).
  • Open a word document and type your matter in your language, or use character map to copy each character in your language font style and paste it in a word document.
  • Proof read the same in the word document after framing your text.
  • Zip the word document and mail us the same as an attachment.
  • Don't forget to let us know the font number and your language (like, Gujarati, Font3)
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For evaluation of quality, design and color, we offer samples as well. Cost of up to 5 samples are adjustable in the later bulk order you place with us.
Samples are sent blank. In case if you need personalized sample with your own text, additional printing charges will be applicable.
Turnaround time for bulk orders is 7-8 business days for printing & processing and another 3-5 business days for shipping worldwide.
For more details, write to us at
Customer Support: +1-855-770-2427 (Toll Free for US & Canada), +91-98291 27575 (For UK & other countries)
Call us at +91 99280 06113 (Kuldeep) , +91 98291 31113 (Atul)

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